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No evidence found: Judge dismisses case pitting Cameroonian entertainment heavyweights



No Evidence Found- case dismissed

The case between popular Cameroonian actress Syndy Emade and celebrity blogger cum TV host Joan Ngomba has been dropped due to lack of evidence and request from the plaintiff.

The statement was issued through a press release yesterday August 25th 2019 by the communication team of the famed blogger who doubles as CEO of Decoded TV, Joan Ngomba

Syndy Emade had accused Joan about 18 months ago for plagiarism and piracy for the movie “A man for the week end”. Joan has always denied all charges and the case has been in court for over a year now.

But after multiple court hearings with  Syndy and her lawyer refusing to show up in court on multiple occasions, the judge finally dismissed case for lack of evidence as the plaintiff had also requested for the case to end.

The case pitting two heavy weights in the country’s entertainment industry generated huge debates especially in English speaking regions of the country and the dismissal has been hugely Welcomed by fans of the famed blogger.

In July 19th 2018, Joan Ngomba was briefly arrested and detained at the Buea Central  police alongside her collaborator Tino Foy over allegations that she illegally gave the movie titled A “ A man for the week end” to Tino who reviewed it on his social media page even without attending the movie premiers.

Joan and Tino denied any wrongdoing in the allegations

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Longue Longue cries again: Le libérateur needs urgent political liberation



Longue Longue cries again: Economic liberator needs urgent political liberation
In another interview with Douala based Equinoxe television on April 28th, 2019, the singer once again begs authorities with his eyes full of tears to release his passport.
The makossa icon has been on a crying and kneeling tour lately following his arrest and subsequent release. The Douala based makossa artists were arrested, detained and released.
The “liberator” singer had been a fierce critic of the Biya government, declaring opposition leader Maurice kamto the winner of October 2018 presidential polls and condemning his subsequent arrest in January 2019.
The singer known for his anti-colonial music went viral after a video of him kneeling and begging the presidential couple for a pardon following his utterances
Longue longue says he made the allegations without any proves; adding that his passport has been seized and he cannot leave the country to sing and feed his family
On Sunday, April 27, he reiterated his appeal for his passport to be released as he burst in tears, crying for the better part of the live program on the country’s most watched television
There have been pictures and videos of the singer praying in churches, kneeling in front of the Virgin Mary statue as he desperately seeks to release of his passports
Many have described the singer as a “comedian” saying his attitude is an act of cowardice and robbed him of any respect he once earned from the people
Longue longue had vowed in his music that he is a liberator and he is ready to die to liberate the people from colonial slavery and poor governance
But recent events have rubbished those assertions and prove the singer himself desperately needs someone to liberate him

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Bad Influence or new trend: Syndy Emade pregnancy pics spark moral debate on social media



Arguably Cameroon’s most famous faces in the country’s struggling music industry, south west born Syndy Emade has ignited social media with pictures of her baby bum shared on Saturday August 18th 2018.

The multi-talented actress, director and movie producer has sparked massive debate online after sharing adorable pictures of her baby boom

The Producer of the famous movie “A Man for the Week end” who has also starred in so many movies both at home and in Nollywood sparked controversy online when she shared pictures of herself online

Fans and critics have taken to social media to punch at the star for being a bad influence to many youths who look up to her.

Many say it was disgraceful for the actress to publicly display pictures of a pregnancy she got when she is not married and says the regrettable move sends a wrong signal to many young girls who look up to her as a role model.

Others were quick to remind the Cameroonian beauty about her African roots where marriage before child bearing is core to the fundamental values they share.

Her supporters nonetheless wasted no time to fire back, saying it’s better to keep the child than to abort the innocent baby simply because she got pregnant without being married to a man.

The controversy has been rocking social media for days now ever since her first images were released on August 18th 2018.

Syndy Emade was born Elone Synthia Emade on , 21 November 1993) is a Cameroonian actress, model and a movie producer. She is the brand ambassador in Cameroon for the app InstaVoice Celeb. She is the owner of Blue rain entertainment. Movies she has produced include A Man for the Weekend and Rose on The Grave. She made her international career debut in the Nigerian film industry (Nollywood) in 2016, in the movie “Why Ii Hate Sunshine”  In 2017, she was listed second most active Cameroonian address, according to an online movie streaming channel Njoka tv for Africa entertainment. she was awarded as best Cameroon actress in Scoos academy award 2017.[6] she won 2014 edition Cameroon Miss Heritage award.

Emade first movie project was in 2010 in the movie “Obsession”. she is the founder and chair lady of BLUE RAIN Entertainment. her recent work in 2017 include; A Man For The Weekend featuring Nigerian Nollywood star Alexx Ekub

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