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Watching a movie on old black and white TV can be your personal time-machine



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Back-to-back: Cameroon Music trio drops another banger “I don tire”



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Barely a week after the release of their debut single “jailer”- a remake of African music goddess,  ASA’s hit tune, Cameroon music trio has dropped another hit song titled “I don tire”

In “I don tire”, the group Black Tribe denounces gun violence, rape, xenophobia and other ills plaguing country Cameroon, Africa and the world.

Recorded in the country’s two official languages (French and English) and dropping at a time when there is an international pressure for ceasefire between  country’s separatist and government forces in the country’s English speaking regions, Black Tribe is in no small way adding its voice to the peace crusade many are now championing back home.

In a press release announcing the latest hit from their camp, the group writes “With so much disunity, hate, fear and uncertainty around us today, it’s our duty, every one of us to contribute in building a more peaceful world for our children”

The group Black Tribe consists of three members-M Consty, Larry Paize and Ernest Chicho

They have also hinted a full album on course to be releases in the months ahead

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Ogbuide movie premier: CIPMA brings Nollywood to your door steps



Cameroon’s international premier marketing company CIPMA come 10th April 20202 will be rewriting the movie rules in the country. The marketing giant-CIPMA in collaboration with Evina Cruz production will be premiering the first-ever international movie premiere in Cameroon

The Movie ‘ogbuide’ features some of the finest Nigerian actors like Eve Esin, Nkechi, and many others and was produced by a Cameroonian movie maker Evina Cruz

The international movie premiere which will take place at the prestigious mountain Hotel will bring together the lead cast and crew from Nigeria, moviemakers in Cameroon and stakeholders in the country

Entertainment critics say the coming of ogbuide in Cameroon is a testament of the strides the country’s movie industry has made this far, adding it will be a major milestone for the movie sector in the country

The population of Buea and beyond are excited to welcome the superstars and the movie in their town with one resident telling TeboPost ‘I can’t imagine not being there for whatever reasons’

CIPMA is a leading entertainment marketing company in the country. The Buea-based company is reputed for the marketing of artists, concerts, movies, universities among other things within their rich portfolio.

For reservations about the movie premiere, please contact 670201485 or 670611090

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CIPMA brings Nollywood to you: Marketing giant inks major deal with Nigerian producer.



Cameroonian Born Nigerian based movie producer Evina Cruz and CEO of marketing giant CIPMA, a partner marketing arm of TeboPost Media signs an agreement to market a Nollywood movie in three cities in Cameroon as part of its international premiers around Africa.

The  marketing agreement which has been in the works for months now was signed today February 28th 2020 in DOUALA between producer Evina Cruz and Njeck Sylvanus on behalf of CIPMA and TeboPost Media.

The star-studded movie is expected to be premiered in Buea, DOUALA and Yaounde and will rally some of the finest names in the Nigerian/Africa movie world in one hall in different gala across Cameroonian cities.

The premier will be the first of its kind in the country as the parties seek to develop and enhance cultural ties between the West African nations amidst a rising movie industry in Cameroon

The first premier is expected to take place on the 10th of April in Buea

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