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Government sends elites again, Balla labels it “provocation”, the population snubs decision as international pressure mounts: What you need to know this day

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It has been a calm but busy week end as the people OF SOUTH WEST AND NORTH WEST REGIONS OF Cameroon marks the 2nd week of deadly October protests

After the protests which government says 8 died but rights group put the death toll at 17, the international community has been mounting more pressure on the government to engage in genuine and useful dialogue with the disgruntled population of North West and South West regions.

The government took the first major step towards initiating a dialogue as elites of the two regions have been deployed en mass to go down the fields and dialogue with the people

The decision was made known during the week end as the Director of civil cabinet at the prime minister’s office , Paul Goghomou flaunt the lists after receiving  instruction from the head of state/

Balla labels the decision “provocation”

Legal luminary and former head of the now banned consortium of Anglophones which spear headed the strike actions has labeled government’s decision to send elites for peace talk “provocation” as he called on the state to take more genuine measures to dialogue with the people in the presence of the united nations

On their part, the population has been reacting differently following latest news of the deployment of elites.

For a people whom it will be fair to say have lost confidence in their elites over 11 months ago, many have simply snubbed the news, labeling it another failed attempts and a cosmetic ploy by the state to please the international community adding that nothing will come out of such fruitless decision

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While the government heavily hopes and wishes the elites once again can win the trust of their people, engage them in positive dialogue and forward the report to the highest authorities of the land for quick and swift decision making, the international community has been firing from all angles and putting massive pressure to bear on the government

Rights group Amnesty international last week issued another damning verdict, accusing the country’s security forces of arbitrary arrest, bribery and corruption, intimidation and says over 500 people have been arrested in the English speaking regions and jailed in overcrowded prisons during and after the October 1 protests

People are “parked like sardines in overcrowded prisons” their statements reads in part on their website as they gave detail and elaborate reports of serious human rights violations against the governments of Cameroon against it people


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