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Anglophone crisis: PCC quickly forgets their initial stance, begins to count their losses as enrollment plummets in schools

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The Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, PCC has been decrying the falling number of their students as the educational sector continues to suffer due to the ongoing crisis

In an interview on one of the most listened program on radio, CRTV’s Cameroon calling, the head of the Presbyterian Church Rev Fonki Samuel says the church has lost millions due to falling enrollment

While he stressed the need that the church does not make profit from schools, he however said that even the schools which used to break even can no longer sustain themselves reasons why sallies of teachers were slashed and some sacked

The Man of God also blamed government for reducing subvention drastically in 2012 as one of the reasons making them to suffer today

But what the PCC quickly failed to remember that it was the stance they took during the initial days of the crisis.

The PCC like their counterparts, the Roman Catholic Church did not fail to side with the disgruntled Anglophone population, send their students and pupils under their care back home and shut down their doors, calling for the government to negotiate with the people and rightly so and what followed was a barrage of legal actions in courts by parents of students claiming damages

The church which said then was fulfilling its mission off standing with the oppressed came under fire from the government to resume schools and keep children out of politics as the crisis marched on.

But as the crisis worsens and schools gradually picking up steam, the PCC moderator who famously cried in front of his Christians after a day spend in courts is making his voice once again heard, clamoring for schools to effectively pickup even when none of their initial request made to the government during their “shutdown” has been met by the government

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