Insanity? Government relies on failed “elites” again as they do same thing over and over and yet expecting different results?

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The population of the English speaking regions of Cameroon are still hoping and wishing for something meaningful to come out of the planned peace talk between the elites and the population as the head of state has instructed the government to deploy a barrage of so called elites during the week end

The lists of people who were made publish by the prime minister’s office has drawn almost an instant criticism from top Anglophone leaders and population

Why deploying elite might not help?

The so called Anglophone elites enjoy in different positions  in government, have amass so much wealth over the years and increasingly been out of touch with their people, become stubbornly arrogant and any feels their loyalty lies with the President rather than the people who pushed the summit of glory.

In the early days of the crisis which many Anglophones supported their striking lawyers and teachers in condemning what they called systemic marginalization of the minority group, many of their elites whom they rely for help shamefully distance themselves from the people, denying the existence of any problem known as the “Anglophone problem” and throw their weight behind the government to crackdown on the leaders of the protesters.

Even when the head of state did acknowledge the existence of a problem, some unrepentant Anglophone elites refuse to listen to the peoples cry, but rather chose to focus on protecting their interests in government offices

Fast forward the crisis to a year now, the elite couldn’t have been more isolated and been less trusted by their people. No one really cares about elites anymore and nobody listens to them as they are seen as part of the problem and the very reasons why they are suffering as they have failed to pressure the government to give in to their demands of the people.

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Have elites been deployed before

This is not the first time elites are deployed by the government to preach to the people. The difference this time though is the fact that the order is coming directly from the head of state as pressure mounts both at home and abroad for the government to engage in genuine and honest dialogue with the people

Previous meetings where elites where deployed to go to the fields and woe the population to stop heeding to calls of secessionist had all backfired as either the gatherings were boycotted or those who care to attended to send a direct message to Yaoundé through their run away and increasingly selfish and powerless leaders that they have chosen their part and curse to fellow

Reaction from the population

Reactions following the latest news of elites visiting the people for peace talk have received an almost instant condemnation from the public and other revered leaders the people still rely on.

International lawyer and former head of outlawed Anglophone consortium Agbor Balla instantly issued a statement just a day after, denouncing  the move,  labeling it “a provocation” while urging the government to take more genuine steps to solve the ongoing crisis with a dialogue that involves the UN

Other Anglophone Cameroonians have taken to social media to mock the decision, calling it a failed and cosmetic measure intended to please the international community.



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