We are still at this level: State media keeps embarrassingly broadcasting news of construction of two classrooms as gift to government

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So we are still at this level? State media embarrassingly keeps waving “gifts of classrooms” being received by government weekly on prime time news

As i watched CTV’s prime time news cast this evening at 7:30 and 8:30, once again the presenters of the news hour were pleasantly announcing yet another gifts from the Chinese but this time with a Cameroonin partner in the east region of the country-the content, a two classroom gift to the government r should I say the people of the locality

While Tebopost lauds the initiatives by concerned Cameroonians and foreign government to help in the modernization and reconstruction drive of the country to elevate its people from suffering and poverty, CRTV has to be better for once.

Amidst existential issues going on in the country with the continuous fight against Boko Haram in the north, the Anglophone crisis in the South and North west regions of the country and the embarrassing number of deaths on our highways almost on a daily basis, CRTV still prefers to go for such news items and yet they pride themselves as the heart of the nation

CRTV’s continuous broadcast of such information weekly only goes a long way to show how underdeveloped our country really is with news meant to be consumed at the level of rural council being taken on prime time news on national television for the entire country to see

While other African countries are busy celebrating the launch of satellite into space, celebrate news of their advance industries manufacturing computers, cars, medicines and taking millions out of poverty by doing so a, we pride ourselves in celebrating  the donation of or two classrooms build with Chinese raw material and labor–something is really wrong somewhere

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