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Defiant Hon. Wirba spit fire again, Rubbishes the CPDM government as many now see loopholes with the position of his party

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The SDF firebrand leader and Member of Parliament Hon joseph Wirba has once again come out of his comfort zone to rubbish the Biya’s government.

The MP for Jakiri special constituency who rose to the summit of political adulation  back home during the early days of the crisis when he delivered a rare and biting address at the CPDM controlled national Assembly, decrying the marginalization of Anglophones has once again reacted to recent happenings

The SDF who has been unusually silent ever since they went for their parliamentary recess followed by the deadly protests at home which has been condemned here and abroad has decided to speak just days after his own party held their national executive meeting in Bamenda

The Nso worrier once as he calls himself again takes the government to task, accusing the President of failing to be president for all as he has snubbed the people of North West and south west regions of the country.

He bemoans the fact that the head of state will be more interested to talk about sporting infrastructure in the country when many Anglophones have been killed by soldiers during October 1st and September 22nd 2017 deathly protests across the two English speaking regions.

Hon.Wirba added that, the present should have visited the restive regions not less than 6 times during the past one year of the crisis and dialogue with the people, adding that his actions justify the systemic marginalization of the Anglophones.

Supporters of the president however says he is doing more than enough to solve the crisis, referencing the recent delegation of elites of these regions deployed by the head of state on facts finding mission and peace talk in a move activists and politicians have labeled cosmetics and provocative.

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But as Wirba continues to fire at the government at every opportunity, many Cameroonians are beginning to be wary of his own party stance vis sa vis this crisis.

Many now accused the Fru Ndi led party of playing low price politics, referencing the recent decision arrived during their last NEC meeting which categorically makes a mockery of the fact that their MPs had resign in a clear jab at the people who had celebrated the supposed MP resignations when the news broke on social media after 22nd September and made the said MPs instant national heroes.

SDF’s stance confirms the position of government who had accused the so called “terrorist “for forcing MPs to resign under duress and vow then to go after them.

Amongst other things, the SDF headship continue their fruitless call for the government to engage in genuine dialogue, continue their failed tradition of accusing the government of bias as they saw their leadership I Littoral denied the right to organize a rally after they had obtained an approval which was later canceled on suspicious grounds.

As Hon Wirba continues to enjoy support amongst many Cameroonians in the English speaking part of the country, the North westerner should begin his crusade of change within the ranks of his own party which many now see as being part of the solution if he intends to keep his credibility untouched or he might as well resign from the party


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