Biya finally returns home, Buea still in pain as SDF led coalition march stumbled amidst heavy security presence: 5 things you need to know o start your week this morning

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While you were away, it has indeed been a very busy week end across the country, from the return of the president back home after a very long stay abroad to the deadly accident at the hat of Molyko on Saturday, TeboPost presents to you the 5 most important things which took place during the week end to kick start your week

Biya finally returns home

The President of the republic is finally home at last. News went viral online announcing his imminent return home after documents carrying his travelling details surfaced online two days ago

The president has not been to the country since he took part at the 72nd UN General Assembly meeting in New York where his address was greeted with massive protests both at home and in New York protesters abroad trailed his steps all the way to his hotel

The Anglophone problem will certainly  be one of the first files on his table to attract his attention as the regions still suffers from the bruises of the deadly October 1st protests which rights group Amnesty International says at least 17 persons died and have drawn condemnation from home and broad

Another dark in week end in Buea

Buea once again was on the spotlight this week end as a military truck caused a serious accidents at the popular Malygo junction around 7:30 pm on Saturday leaving at least 1 death and many others seriously injured The truck which eye witnesses said was at neck breaking seed from Buea town came into collision with about 5 different cars around the traffic prone Malyngo junction, crushing many cars along its way before finally coming to halt

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The deadly protests caused protests in the nights as irate youth’s burn tires and throw stones at security forces and had to be dispersed by the forces of law and other. At least one person was injured during the impromptu protest

The cause of the accident is still under investigations

SDF failed to take Anglophone problem at the heart of Cameroon

It was a rally which had made all the headlines on social media even though it was yet to take place.

The planned SDF led solidarity march which saw the approval of the DO for Douala 1 and later saw the approval rescinded after the sub divisional officer claimed they planned march had hidden motive had threaten the security of the town as the leaders had vow to defy the ban

But the authorities made no mistake as they heavily militarize the area of the march while their leaders were reportedly blocked from their homes to prevent them from mobilizing their militants.

The results was a failed protests march which the number one opposition part -the SDF had sought to use alongside other opposition parties in a rare show of national political unity as a show of strength to a government that is increasingly becoming wary even about its own allies and seems to trust only the ruling CPDM.

Minister Rene Saddi’s DO son cheats death in Kribib

Reports from the sea side town of Kribi in the south regions of Cameroon says the son of minister Emmanuel Rene Saddi, minister of territorial administration and decentralization and one of the CPDM kin pins have survived attack from assailants

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According to French language newspapers this morning, gun man attacked the newly installed do for Kribi 3 in his house and show him but he mysteriously escaped and cheated death

Investigations are on their way as to who wants to kill the son of minister Saddi


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