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Cameroon dialogue starts as Anglophone separatists pull out

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Protesters storm the French embassy in Yaounde



At the French embassy in Yaounde now, scores of cameroonians are currently staging a protest over the “insulting and unacceptable outing” of President Emmanuel Macron’s on Biya of Cameroon in Paris last Saturday.

The action comes following President Macron’s impromptu exchange with Calibri over the weekend in which he spoke on Cameroon and president Paul Biya.

The protest has reportedly been organised by supporters of the Yaounde government.

In a country where any form of protest against the regime is met by crackdown on the basis that they did not receive permit, many are asking if these protesters are permitted to take to the streets

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Ngarbuh massacre: Tchiroma says Nigeria lost 2 million lives to maintain national unity.



In a stunning revelation on television today Sunday February 23rd 2020, former communications minister and government spokesman Issa Tchiroma Bakary says Nigeria lost 2 million lives to maintain National unity

The now employment minister was speaking on Vision 4 television, barely days after the Ngarbuh massacre which killed more than 30 persons mainly children and pregnant women and caused international and national outrage

Government had disputed the figures, saying only five persons were killed due to fire incident in a house but right groups and international organizations are calling for an independent investigation to punish perpetrators of the act

The Catholic Church in Kumbo diocese and DOUALA arch diocese called for one day of prayers for victims of the massacre.

Minister Tchiromam’s statement has shocked many who are already calling for international intervention in four years old crisis which has killed about 5 000 persons mostly civilians

Many are beginning to ask if Tchiroma is insinuating 2 million Anglophones should be killed to preserve national unity of the country

Tchiroma who is a highly controversial figure was communications minister during the start of the crisis in 2016

He alongside many other government officials had denied the existence of any Anglophone problem only to be undercut by President Biya months later.

Government organized national dialogue to solve the crisis in 2019 has failed to end the war, forcing the international community to call for negotiation in a neutral ground

Government continues to insist the dialogue was the first and last as fighting rages on in the Anglophone regions.

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Ngarbuh attack: Yaounde is restless as separatists ‘weaponize’ the killings



Condemnation and outrage has poured in from all over the world as the government looks confused, desperate and frustrated over the attack which took place in Ngarbuh, Ndu, North West region of Cameroon

News of scores of civilians killed including at least 14 children and pregnant women according to rights groups have put the country’s 4 years old crisis on the international spotlight like never before, torched the conscience of the world attracting major news channels around the world and angering diplomats and humanitarian

Barely hours, after the world was waking up to the excesses of celebrating a day of love-Feb 14th 2020, heart-breaking images of scores of people killed in Cameroon once again, reminded the world the crisis is far from a national problem

Bishops around the world, UN officials and foreign governments have condemned the act, calling for the government to carry out an independent investigation and perpetrators brought to justice

But the government is in a fixed after denying any killing took place, arguing only five persons were killed due to fire explosion in a family residence, many within the corridors power are struggling to contain the in international pressure and national outcry

The world is beginning to ask serious questions as separatist and activists flash pictures of innocent toddlers reportedly killed by a gun, leaving Yaoundé with no easy way out as damage control mechanism are being rollout

The killing of children or woman even during wartime is considered by international law as a serious crime and the world frowns at governments and regimes which kills children and women than any other thing.

Nobody seems to be believing the government in Yaoundé and the world continues to call for an investigation with the US embassy issuing a string statement saying ‘the conflict must stop’

Separatists are feeding fat

Ambazonians separatist have seized on the information like never before, activating their seemingly endless social media information machinery, posting and tweeting nonstop ever since the incident took place

Images of an entire family killed have been making rounds on social media with hashtag IAmNgrrbuh trending on twitter as separatist continue to drum out the severity of the alleged crime and calling for the world to intervene

The Ngarbuh attack has given separatist an added impetus for a struggling which has been struggling lately. Coming after recently held municipal and legislative elections despite the imposed shutdown in Anglophone regions for six days and in the back of some impressive military gains against non-state armed fighters.

But the Nggarbuh attack serves as a lifeline especially to their information warfare, given them something to rally the world and give the conflict an international character

Memories of Rwanda genocide were invoked as separatists remind the world about their promise of never Again, the government continues to insist that ONLY FIVE PEOPLE DIED DUE TO ACCIDENT and for now it seems only the government is believing that version of the story

As the world continues to pressure Yaoundé over clarity on what happened on February 14th in a small village in North West region, officials will be hoping that the incident dies naturally overtime on the international scene as the Anglophone crisis continues to set new trends and indeed new standards of barbarism

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