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Cameroon dialogue starts as Anglophone separatists pull out

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[Must Read] Abdul Karim weeps for Southern Cameroon in a tear-dropping letter



In an open letter addressed to SOUTHERN Cameroonians, Muslim scholar and government critic Abdul Karim weeps for the fate of the revolution, calls on its leaders to be more united against a common enemy and to shun hate, backstabbing and infighting amongst their ranks

he writes

Dear Southern Cameroonians, We have grappled the enemy hard and well; scored points beyond count. Yet ego, pride, hate, and greed are ripping us off our spoils of war; of our victory and gains.

Contemporary, we fight ourselves. We have created a circle of hate and dwell therein. We threaten ourselves with criminal charges, we tell lies about ourselves to the public, we sabotage genuine efforts, blackmail our very selves, we expose ourselves ruthlessly and shamelessly? come on!
—–How could a #Catholic Christian rejoice upon the demise of a #Protestant? (Is Jesus Christ not the center of belief?——
In the same light, Southern Cameroons should shield our hate and guard our tongues/modesty. I may disagree with one of us but my personal perception(s) about that individual should not overshadow the common position(liberation of Fatherland).

Note! Hate does the following to you.
1. Add your difficulties
2. Multiply your problems
3. Subtract your energy
4. Divide your effectivity.

please tell me who can thrive with those four in play? Remember hate and ego do more harm to the vessel that carries them than to the object on which they are being poured.

My candid advice: Please be careful what you do unto others. I think the Gospel according to Matthew captures it well;
“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, `Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye”. -Matthew 7:1-5

Instead of the above horrible and ugly demeanor, we should focus on prepping for the inevitable negotiations with LRC. We need one another more than ever.

Dear comrades,
The winner is not just the one who has truth or one who makes the case. The winner is necessarily one who is both competent and have the ability to negotiate. Negotiation is the use of INFORMATION and POWER respectively to affect behavior within a “web of tension”. Please, let’s all think about this broad definition by Herb Cohen and realize how bad we are doing.

Quit hating ourselves Southern Cameroonians. What the hell is wrong with us? Na Curse?

Abdulkarim Ali.

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Abdul Karim challenges Kamto for a public debate after Equinoxe bombshell



Muslim scholar Abdul Karim challenges Maurice Kamto for public debate over the boundaries of Cameroon following his interview on Equinoxe TV

He writes “Public Debate Challenge.

Professor Maurice Kamto, I Abdulkarim Ali from Southern Cameroons challenge you to a debate on the claims you made about La Republique du Cameroun’s territorial boundaries and/or integrity at equinoxe tv on the 1/12/2019.

Please take the challenge. Do not present sweeping views with a confused tongue about us. We have been through a lot to allow such lies and misreading of history publicly and arrogantly from a people we basically provided refuge for.

Abdulkarim Ali.

Maurice Kamto in a program on Equinoxe on 1st December 2019 had said Cameroon boundaries dating back to 1960 stretches to Bakassi.

He had also insisted that he will not partition Cameroon under his presidency neither will he allow two state federation but will engage all parties for an inclusive dialogue to find best means to govern the country.

His outing has angered Ambazonian activists including government critic Abdul Karim who says the legal icon is misleading the population about the history of the country, he has called for  an open debate challenge with the legal heavyweight about the history of the country and its territoriality.

Other activists have also criticize the opposition leader, saying he knows nothing about the history of Cameroon and caution him to focus on unseating Biya rather than Ambazonian course

Journalist and Negotiator Tah Mai took to Facebook to reprimand the international legal icon, saying  he is confused and his party doesn’t have a plan to resolve the three years old Anglophone dispute

He says the ruling CPDM has opted for effective decentralization with special status while the SDF wants ten state federation but Kamto’s MRC according to him has no clear plan.

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Editorial: Ambazonian election ban is music in the ears of CPDM



As the election drum beats across the couuntry, political parties and candidates are holding emergency meetings to strategy and deliberate winning strategy to dethrone the ruling CPDM which hasn’t lost any election in the country since yhe start of multi-party politics in the country.

Critics of Cameroon’s democracy say even the electoral code gives the ruling party an unfair advantage in any poll in the country and most of those opposition parties preparing to run agree with them but they also argue they can’t stay home and let their rival have a free ride with its rigging mechanism.

With the ravaging Anglophone in full display, Ambazonian activists and their ground fighters now have a huge say in atleast two regions of the country, making electoral code trivialities the least thing any politician of the opposition will be worry about in 2019 Cameroon

For starters, next year’s municipal and legislative elections in the country is like no other in the history of the Biya’s Cameroon

Anglophones have been in crisis for the past three years which has tore the regions into shreds, forcing a trigger-happy Yaounde to grant concessions by adopting a special status for the two English speaking regions in an attempt to appease the aggrieved population and end the war during a recently held Major National Dialogue in Yaounde from September 30th to October 4th 2019

The resolutions of the dialogue are yet to be implemented through but Biya has announced it in Paris this week.

A look into the document promises “paradise” for the the two regions and any opposition party who wins there could be better-off without taking any other seat elsewhere in the country in both elections.

The special status tag if implemented means councils in the two regions will have more autonomy, more budget to control and consequently more powers. Positions of government delegate will be scrapped and governors elected with house of chiefs restored as well as other structures reestablished as was the case after 1961 plebiscite when the two Cameroon came together in a friendly marriage.

Many say proper implemnatataion of the proposal will mean all but federated state for the two regions but for the name, something many Anglophones have been clamoring for.

The stakes therefore are extremely high as the months ahead promises to be pregnant, parliamentary seats and councils in those regions to be a bloodline for any party’s long term survival including the ruling CPDM who fear they risk losing control of some of the richest regions of the country.

It was no surprise therefore when the SDF party which has been suffering from tumbling fortunes reversed its decision not to participate in the elections at the 11th hour, sacrificing its remaining reputation in the process and effectively declaring itself an anti-restoration party, after all, SDF was until recently the indisputable political king of the two regions- those days, now a distant memory.

Anglophone crisis has killed any political apetite in the regions, displaced about two million people and killed thousands, very few people are interested in politics talkless of political allegiances which they say betrayed them during times of need.

Many now believe all politicians irrespective of the party are same and their help could only come out of the borders of Cameroon.

Ambazonian activists have campaigned tirelessly through their favorite platform-social media, about the need to boycot the elections as they focus on restoring their statehood

Foreign based activists say elections will legitimize the Yaounde regime and kill their hopes of independence. But as the message gradually fades in an increasingly competitive social media space with varying voices, many have resorted to threats, issuing ultimatums and instructing ground fighters to ensure no such election takes place irrespective of who is hurt.

Lenthy ghost town and deafening gun battles frustrated last year Presidential elections in the two regions, even though CPDM won with more than 70% and winning the North West region for the first time since 1992 when multi party elections started in the country.

The humbling and shocking victory of the ruling party was blamed in part due to the ghost town which forced almost all voters to stay home, leaving only heavily guarded state officials to go to polling stations, most of whom are regime loyalists.

Opposition parties also raised alarm about fraud, saying statistics from the regions were not only shocking but shameful. Opposition lawyers struggled in vein to prove to the constitutional council evidences of fraud, citing examples of places where no one went to the polls and yet the ruling party emerge with 99% victory with thousands of voters turnout.

The judicial body ofcourse rejected the claims and declared CPDM winner at the end of a lenthy and breathtaking legal battle which was broadcast live on national television for the first time in the country’s history.

Many back home have called Ambazonian activists and ground fighters to give the population the chance to vote come February 2020, given the stakes of the election

But activists insists its a no go area , vow similar measures of 2018 election or worst, sending early warning shots and calling opposition parties running for the elections as traitors while embracing those who have boycotted the votes in solidarity with Anglophones.

Ambazonian activists are already beating the sound of war, the people are worried about their security and couldn’t care less about any election and some opposition parties who heavily rely on Anglophone regions like SDF risk losing political relevance in the high stake polls- but it’s a gamble they have decided to take.

All these confusion sounds like music in the ears of the ruling party.

CPDM Party officials are rallying in Yaounde this week end at the famous Yaounde Conference Center to strategize with respect to the elections, and for a party which is not shy to control both Houses of Parliament with abnormal majority for any democracy, news of election ban by armed groups in North West and South West will sound like melody in the ears of potential hopefuls who believe the cards will be in their Favour to decide who gets what come February 2020.

Ambazonian activists are effectively empowering the CPDM, handing them total control over “special status North West and South West regions” and that might mean three years of wasted blood for many of this chance is missed.

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