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Congress rolls out ‘Better Deal,’ new economic agenda

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Ngambuh killings: 16 world bishops pen Roman Catholic Biya



Catholic Bishops from around the world sign an open letter to the President of Cameroon, Paul Biya, asking him to begin peace negotiations with the separatist movement in that country.

According to vaticannews, the open letter was In response to an attack on the village of Ngarbuh , in the North West of the country, 16 bishops from around the world have drafted an open letter to Paul Biya, the President of Cameroon.

coordinated by the non-partisan Global Campaign for Peace and Justice in Cameroon, the clergymen urge the president, who has been in power since 1982, to join inclusive Swiss-led negotiations aimed at finding a peaceful solution to long-standing Anglophone concerns.

Civilians suffering

The open letter by the Bishops stresses that they are not taking political sides in the disagreements.
“We are motivated by our concern about the suffering of unarmed civilians, and the stability and prosperity of Cameroon,” the Bishops write.

The letter also notes that at least 2,000 people have died as a result of the conflict.

“Each of these lives is precious and we mourn their suffering and wish to prevent more loss of life and innocence.”

The Bishops also applaud previous efforts to negotiate a settlement, and note that “if all parties treat each other as they wish to be treated, a solution is possible.”

Government has denied any involvement in the killings in Ngambuh which many says is a massacre

Yaounde says only 5 persons died due to duke explosion.

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Human Interest

Crackdown on suspected Ambazonia activists intensifies as fighting rages on in NW, SW



Security forces have reportedly intensified crackdown on suspected activists or sympathizers to the Ambazonia independence struggle.  

As the crisis that has been rocking the North West and South West regions, which has spiraled into an armed conflict, rages on, security operatives have been indiscriminately arresting Anglophone activists and suspected activists.

This has caused many of them to flee into hiding and the whereabouts of many is not known.

Sources say the arrested activists are being tortured and detained under horrendous and inhuman conditions. Some have reportedly died in detention.

It is worth recalling that the Anglophone crisis, something that pundits say had been brewing for several years, boiled over in October 2016 when Common Law Lawyers in the North West and South West regions went on strike, paralyzing the courts. They were demanding for a return to the federal system of government, redeployment of Civil Law Magistrates back to Civil Law Courts among other grievances. Not long after, teachers in the North West and South West regions also went on strike, demanding the redress of several issues concerning the English sub-system of education.

Things got worse when concerned citizens in the North West and South West regions, who had been fed up with the unfavourable political and especially economic stagnation of Cameroon at large, but more importantly in these regions, joined the strike.

But after negotiations with the teachers and lawyers ended in deadlock, the government banned the Southern Cameroons National Council, SCNC, and the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium, CACSC. Some of the leaders of the Consortium such as Barrister Felix Agbor Nkongho and Dr. Fontem Niba were immediately arrested while others such as Barrister Bobga Harmony and Tassang Wilfred fled into hiding.  

But as the crackdown on the activists escalates, several cases have been reported.

One of such cases is that of Yenika Jude Yongye, a young southern Cameroon activistwho is reported to have gone underground for fear of being arrested.

He is reported to have arrived Cameroon on September 11, 2019 after spending over three years in Belgium, from where he was actively involved in the struggle for the Independence of the state of former southern Cameroon now being referred to as Ambazonia.

Upon his arrival in Bamenda, his place of origin, security forces, we gathered immediately launched a manhunt to trap him down. Following a hint, Yenika Jude is said to have fled the town for safety. His exact whereabouts has since remained unknown though we gathered he might have moved to a neighboring country.

Yenika’s activism dates back to several years. In 2016 before leaving Cameroon, we gathered that he was amongst a group of young Southern Cameroon National Council, SCNC members who had organized several meetings in Bamenda to front the restoration of the statehood of Ambazonia. He has since been targeted for arrest. Yenika Jude was reportedly listed amongst other young southern Cameroon activists targeted for arrest including Njofri Belmond, Wayula George….

It would be recalled that leaders of the Anglophone separatist movements including Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and nine others, who were arrested in Abuja, Nigeria in January 2018 and later extradited to Yaounde were in August 2019, handed life jail sentences.

It is worth noting that many people, both civilians and security forces, have been killed in the crisis, many more internally displaced and over 30,000 have fled to neighbouring Nigeria where they are living as refugees.

While the Anglophone crisis continues to escalate, International Organisations and other Western powers have called on the Government to address the root cause through dialogue.

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February polls: Anglophones ‘chose’ the devil they know, sinks drowning SDF




It was an election that came to solidify CPDM’s position as an incomparable political force in the land and once again sinks the country’s chief opposition party the SDF which was already drowning and in dire need of help from electorates.

If early results are measuring rod to go by, the 2020 twin polls will be recorded in history as the election which killed the party many had seen as a beacon of hope for the marginalized and aggrieved Anglophones

Results show the ruling CPDM, once hated and despised in the Anglophone regions especially Bamenda is in commanding lead in SDF strongholds, toppling the Ni John Fru Ndi’s party in all three councils in Kumba and humiliate them more in Littoral and West and abandon them in North West region.

With tally showing less than 6 seats in parliament, this will be the very first time the country’s longtime chief opposition party has failed to have a parliamentary group (15MPs) since the start of multi-party politics in the 90s-but many are those who are even surprise they got that much

SDF’s downfall was all but expected. With a three-year war ravaging in the Anglophone regions (it’s base) and a disgraceful result during the 2018 Presidential elections, the opposition party has failed to influence government actions in parliament due to lack of numbers and failed to heed to the call of its supporters demanding they boycott the elections and resign from parliament to pressure Yaounde

The party’s disjointed leadership has demonstrated the unprecedented amount of political arrogance, rubbishing their slogan which says power belongs to the people and brandish themselves as a national party with undefined ties to the ruling CPDM

Many Anglophones are struggling to differentiate the party with the ruling CPDM as they watch their MPs dribble them with fake resignations during the height of the protest only to come home with amor cars to canvas for votes months later.

Most of their supporters have abandoned the party, choosing personal security over party loyalty as they struggle to understand why SDF can’t do more to end their worries

SDF leadership opted to run for the February’s elections after months of threats of boycott and 11th-hour change of hearts, concluding to go back to the people asking them to give them more power so they can solve their problem in parliament

The results were a total rejection, with the party suffering a humiliating defeat compounded by massive Elections boycott in Anglophone regions and many of its bold supporters switching to the ruling CPDM

CPDM bigwigs drive into insecure towns and villages in armor cars, passing through burnt roads and raining bullets from non-state armed fighters to vote for their party.

Some of them ferried their voters, using state and party resources alike to ensure their votes are counted and protected, a luxury which the impoverished and stubborn SDF cannot afford

While Fru Ndi enjoys rest abroad following a series of humiliating kidnappings and attack by non-state armed fighters who wants him to recall his MPs home, his party was being hurried by those who once fed them.

What followed was a humiliating defeat in the Anglophone regions with national consequences, reminding the party that it tentacles might spread beyond the Anglophone regions but the people who made them number two can reduce them to history books.

After years of fighting and suffering, many Anglophones are fade up, tired of the politics and simply believe the ruling party now holds all the keys to their problems.

Bui, MoMo, Donga Mantung, Meme, Lebialem and many other divisions in the regions embraced the ruling CPDM, some of them voting for the ruling party for the first time even though the voter turnout makes a mockery of the word democracy on a national scale

But as CPDM politicians toast and dance to “more money” in Yaoundé, SDF leadership may just have made its worst decision ever, but it’s too late

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