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Unusual pomp and fanfare welcomes President Biya as he finally returns home with Buea and Bamenda calling

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The President of the republic is finally home at last. News went viral online announcing his imminent return home after documents carrying his travelling details surfaced online two days ago

The president has not been to the country since he took part at the 72nd UN General Assembly meeting in New York where his address was greeted with massive protests both at home and in New York protesters abroad trailed his steps all the way to his hotel

But after the summit, the President where-about has been subject of guesswork as many has been asking the where about of the first couple especially at a time when the Anglophone crisis  recorded its deadliest protests yet on October  1st with rights group Amnesty International putting death toll at 17.

Opposition parties have chastised the president for staying  abroad while part of the country is on fire and some online  activist have satirize his absence by launching an aggressive online search for the president.

The country has been under painful period as the restive Anglophone regions remain embroiled in political crisis for over a year now.  The head of state had issued scanty statements on his social media wall in the past, calling for restrain, stressing the need for dialogue and most recently preached the need for patriotism.

His critics have slammed the CPDM strongman of not doing enough to solve the crisis and largely hold his government responsible for the escalation of the crisis following its heavy handedness of peaceful protesters

But for a crisis which has outpaced the resourcefulness and ingenuity of some of the best experts within the ranks of the ruling CPDM in terms of providing meaningful solution, even the latest attempts to deploy Anglophone elites to preach peace to the people has only stressed a government in need of their leader

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The unusual welcome, punctuated with numerous dance groups, fanfare and deployment of party loyalists alongside the president’s itinerary is telling of a party desperately in need of their leader to solve an increasing difficult crisis.

With many on the ground demanding the head of state to personally come to North Wes and South West regions and talk with the disgruntled people, the head of state might as well for all intent and purpose after having received first hand briefing at the airport, must have realize that he needs not to stay that long as he did after UN Summit at the unity palace because Bamenda and  Buea are calling urgently.



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