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Unusual pomp and fanfare welcomes President Biya as he finally returns home with Buea and Bamenda calling

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The President of the republic is finally home at last. News went viral online announcing his imminent return home after documents carrying his travelling details surfaced online two days ago

The president has not been to the country since he took part at the 72nd UN General Assembly meeting in New York where his address was greeted with massive protests both at home and in New York protesters abroad trailed his steps all the way to his hotel

But after the summit, the President where-about has been subject of guesswork as many has been asking the where about of the first couple especially at a time when the Anglophone crisis  recorded its deadliest protests yet on October  1st with rights group Amnesty International putting death toll at 17.

Opposition parties have chastised the president for staying  abroad while part of the country is on fire and some online  activist have satirize his absence by launching an aggressive online search for the president.

The country has been under painful period as the restive Anglophone regions remain embroiled in political crisis for over a year now.  The head of state had issued scanty statements on his social media wall in the past, calling for restrain, stressing the need for dialogue and most recently preached the need for patriotism.

His critics have slammed the CPDM strongman of not doing enough to solve the crisis and largely hold his government responsible for the escalation of the crisis following its heavy handedness of peaceful protesters

But for a crisis which has outpaced the resourcefulness and ingenuity of some of the best experts within the ranks of the ruling CPDM in terms of providing meaningful solution, even the latest attempts to deploy Anglophone elites to preach peace to the people has only stressed a government in need of their leader

The unusual welcome, punctuated with numerous dance groups, fanfare and deployment of party loyalists alongside the president’s itinerary is telling of a party desperately in need of their leader to solve an increasing difficult crisis.

With many on the ground demanding the head of state to personally come to North Wes and South West regions and talk with the disgruntled people, the head of state might as well for all intent and purpose after having received first hand briefing at the airport, must have realize that he needs not to stay that long as he did after UN Summit at the unity palace because Bamenda and  Buea are calling urgently.


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Ngambuh killings: 16 world bishops pen Roman Catholic Biya



Catholic Bishops from around the world sign an open letter to the President of Cameroon, Paul Biya, asking him to begin peace negotiations with the separatist movement in that country.

According to vaticannews, the open letter was In response to an attack on the village of Ngarbuh , in the North West of the country, 16 bishops from around the world have drafted an open letter to Paul Biya, the President of Cameroon.

coordinated by the non-partisan Global Campaign for Peace and Justice in Cameroon, the clergymen urge the president, who has been in power since 1982, to join inclusive Swiss-led negotiations aimed at finding a peaceful solution to long-standing Anglophone concerns.

Civilians suffering

The open letter by the Bishops stresses that they are not taking political sides in the disagreements.
“We are motivated by our concern about the suffering of unarmed civilians, and the stability and prosperity of Cameroon,” the Bishops write.

The letter also notes that at least 2,000 people have died as a result of the conflict.

“Each of these lives is precious and we mourn their suffering and wish to prevent more loss of life and innocence.”

The Bishops also applaud previous efforts to negotiate a settlement, and note that “if all parties treat each other as they wish to be treated, a solution is possible.”

Government has denied any involvement in the killings in Ngambuh which many says is a massacre

Yaounde says only 5 persons died due to duke explosion.

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Ngarbuh “massacre”: Government gives its own version



Rage and outrage poured by helpless Anglophone community as they took to social media to pour their frustrations to the silent international community and a soul-less government in Yaounde

Scores of persons including children and pregnant women were reportedly slaughtered in the in the heart of Ngarbuh village, Ndu division NW region and buried in what appears to be mass graves

The shocking and gruesome
Killings of toddlers and pregnant women who couldn’t have been fighters in the North West region has shattered the hearts of many Cameroonians and left the country’s authority in denial.

Government says deny the reports of mass graves, says only 5 persons were killed du lento fuel explosion in the house containing the family, but many are demanding for more answers amidst a ravaging news shattering hearts and shredding the country’s gains in arresting the situation

Thousands have been killed before during the course of the crisis according to UN agencies and children as young as four months killed at close range with bullets in Muyuka South West but very few has generated the kind of outrage and condemnation Ngarbuh has gathered

Human rights activists, politicians and Amba activists have joined millions of Cameroonians to hold the government responsible, calling for an immediate investigation to the killings which has stunned to world and likely opens the gates of ICC to those who could be responsible.

Pointing fingers and accusing Yaounde for the massacre which can change the dynamics on the ground has forced to government to condemned its accusers and deny its involvement….but they have denied similar atrocities in the North before only to open an investigation to punish the soldiers later.

Reports by Mimi Mefor which TeboPost cannot independently confirm say that UN officials were denied access to the scene of what could be potential war crimes (if its true ) in a scene committed in February 14th 2020 only adds gasoline to the raging fire and outrage in social media as the population calls for the world to act

Activists were quick to draw comparison with other countries like Rwanda, telling the world they had promised it will never happen again while insisting for intervention to resolve the four years old Anglophone crisis.

Diplomats across the world have been walking a fine line, opting to preserve their relationship with Yaounde than to engage in a historic crisis many of them still sees as a domestic issue

But if Ngarbuh killings doesn’t shocks the world what will.

Killing of children and pregnant women and burying them in mass graves is no doubt a war crime and requires probe to punish those concern reason why many are calling for an investigation to punish those concern

The world cannot afford to ignore the killings in North West region of Cameroon any more, and no matter the report Yaounde might give the international community, the files from Cameroon are dripping with the blood of innocent children and pregamat women killed in a senseless war we all could have avoided.

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Human Interest

Crackdown on suspected Ambazonia activists intensifies as fighting rages on in NW, SW



Security forces have reportedly intensified crackdown on suspected activists or sympathizers to the Ambazonia independence struggle.  

As the crisis that has been rocking the North West and South West regions, which has spiraled into an armed conflict, rages on, security operatives have been indiscriminately arresting Anglophone activists and suspected activists.

This has caused many of them to flee into hiding and the whereabouts of many is not known.

Sources say the arrested activists are being tortured and detained under horrendous and inhuman conditions. Some have reportedly died in detention.

It is worth recalling that the Anglophone crisis, something that pundits say had been brewing for several years, boiled over in October 2016 when Common Law Lawyers in the North West and South West regions went on strike, paralyzing the courts. They were demanding for a return to the federal system of government, redeployment of Civil Law Magistrates back to Civil Law Courts among other grievances. Not long after, teachers in the North West and South West regions also went on strike, demanding the redress of several issues concerning the English sub-system of education.

Things got worse when concerned citizens in the North West and South West regions, who had been fed up with the unfavourable political and especially economic stagnation of Cameroon at large, but more importantly in these regions, joined the strike.

But after negotiations with the teachers and lawyers ended in deadlock, the government banned the Southern Cameroons National Council, SCNC, and the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium, CACSC. Some of the leaders of the Consortium such as Barrister Felix Agbor Nkongho and Dr. Fontem Niba were immediately arrested while others such as Barrister Bobga Harmony and Tassang Wilfred fled into hiding.  

But as the crackdown on the activists escalates, several cases have been reported.

One of such cases is that of Yenika Jude Yongye, a young southern Cameroon activistwho is reported to have gone underground for fear of being arrested.

He is reported to have arrived Cameroon on September 11, 2019 after spending over three years in Belgium, from where he was actively involved in the struggle for the Independence of the state of former southern Cameroon now being referred to as Ambazonia.

Upon his arrival in Bamenda, his place of origin, security forces, we gathered immediately launched a manhunt to trap him down. Following a hint, Yenika Jude is said to have fled the town for safety. His exact whereabouts has since remained unknown though we gathered he might have moved to a neighboring country.

Yenika’s activism dates back to several years. In 2016 before leaving Cameroon, we gathered that he was amongst a group of young Southern Cameroon National Council, SCNC members who had organized several meetings in Bamenda to front the restoration of the statehood of Ambazonia. He has since been targeted for arrest. Yenika Jude was reportedly listed amongst other young southern Cameroon activists targeted for arrest including Njofri Belmond, Wayula George….

It would be recalled that leaders of the Anglophone separatist movements including Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and nine others, who were arrested in Abuja, Nigeria in January 2018 and later extradited to Yaounde were in August 2019, handed life jail sentences.

It is worth noting that many people, both civilians and security forces, have been killed in the crisis, many more internally displaced and over 30,000 have fled to neighbouring Nigeria where they are living as refugees.

While the Anglophone crisis continues to escalate, International Organisations and other Western powers have called on the Government to address the root cause through dialogue.

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