Shameful dilemma: State services compete for corruption trophy as the economy gradually grids to halt

Mbah Lucas Tebo

Corruption in the country is no new thing and for a country which according to Transparency International is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, many would have though the government will embark on meaningful efforts to drive out the cankerworm

The rate of corrupt practices in every aspect of the economy increase every day as Cameroonians continue to die in a heartless culture are which has gripped Cameroon for almost a generation now

From Police to hospitals to taxation to transport to forestry, any area you point within the country’s public service is a text book example of a corrupt service around the world as the state looks helpless to control the monster of its own making.

From bottom to top and top to bottom, everybody believed stealing state fund is the ideal way forward to make money as vital services continue to evade poor Cameroonians de to massive financial looting from the state.

Patients continue to die in hospitals due to lack of drugs, some of the best rains cannot enter certain public schools due to lack of money to bribe the school administrators, police officers continue to take bribe on the high way like its law with flagrant violation of existing rules, killing thousands yearly through road accidents in that process and ministers continue to starch billions in foreign accounts as the country suffers

Cameroon is sick and in urgent need of medication and the irony of it all is that everyone seem to be comfortable with the uncomfortable situation

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The national Anti-corruption unit CONAC is clearly not working, it’s a mockery of the name with some of its members marred in corruption scandal themselves as the country watches in shock the drama staged in Yaoundé, the powerless agency has focus its operations mainly in Yaoundé where it members says they have recovered some stolen money and kept in the state treasury, even that money too is shredded in secrecy as no one knows what It has been used for.


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