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Anglophone regions suffer from ghost town fatigue as punitive measure losses stem, back to school gains momentum, what next?

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Ever since the enlarge ghost town which runs for three working days was introduced, the decision has  been controversial in many quarters even in areas which are seen as  “Ambozonia diehards”

Many are those who had decried the move as yet another punitive measure imposed on a people who are already at disadvantaged economically.

While many parents are struggling to find means of engaging their kids at home as many who cannot afford to educational migration to other francophone dominated regions as the elites are doing presently wonders in abyss, once again  the poor and destitute have remain the highest victim of the crisis.

With students out of school and all the consequences that goes with it, an enlarged ghost town that will help frustrates the economy of a people desperate in need of any kind of consolation has been anything but helpful and the whole idea was erribly conciced no mater the justificatios given by those propagating the move

But S REPORTS ARE NOW  emerging that even the ghost town friendly Bamenda is gradually suffering from fatigue as activities gradually normalizes with the enlarge ghost town still in place, the recent happenings of events around the two regions sieged by ghost towns are definitely sifting from that months old philosophy

Schools continues to pick up around the regions with Fako taking the leads as government, lay private and mission schools have opened their f doors and the number of students trooping in daily to register and start school is testament of a changing dynamics on the ground

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Opponents of no school have failed to provide any convincing reason why students should remain home when their brothers and sisters who comes from privilege families have all moved across the Mungo in search of education

They have failed to convinced the masses of the kind of supposed educational model they are preparing behind the scenes and tell us which country has used it before that does not have jobless people in their world

They have failed to take the plights of the masses who depends entirely on small businesses but imposing unnecessary ghost towns that has help to damage business, render many jobless and frustrate the life of many in the hopes of an Eldorado which no one really knows when hat will come

And as the entire South west and north west regions gradually rally to normalize state affaires while looking for better and alternative measure to pressure the government to do more and eventually yields to the call of the people, those prorating for the status quo must have a rethink and either change strategy or lose the fight for even they know that you cannot fool all the people all the time