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Ambazonia conclave flip-flops as Cameroon’s chief opposition party, the SDF failed the people again in a conclave of their own too

The recent week end produced plenty of fireworks both at home front and abroad. News quickly circulated on social media and the outlaw Ambazonia movement official websites about their conclave t be held in the Nigerian city of Lagos

Organizers brandished it as the 4th, a pointer to the fact that they must have held the first, second and third and according to their communication channels, the recent happenings in the country were their rallying point.

But as the leaders of the group government considers at home to be a terrorist organization which aims to divide the country converge in the nations backyard in a clear jab at the government, the country increasingly powerless, abandoned and disserted opposition party was holding a conclave of their own

Party bigwigs of the SDF were also rallying at their usual Ntarinkong palace to take stock, deliberate on recent happenings and issue a party statement.

For a party in dire need of allies as their unpopular policies gradually  erode their base and rattles their supporters and the government increasingly see them as part of their headache than a partner for  a viable solution to the current Anglophone menace, SDF party is in no doubt in a crisis of its own.

But while the 4th Ambazonian conclave would be remembered for political confusion, power grab and in-house fighting. Delegates had clash over everything including the very idea of organizing the supposed conclave.

The SDF on the other hand could boost of abundant of political experience to at least hold calm and peaceful conclave of their own here at home thought the outcome from that too was as chaotic, divisive and far from satisfactory and pleasant to their supporters and critics

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The resolutions arrived at in Bamenda will do nothing to help SDF’s tumbling approval rating in the country, if anything it will further injure the party standings and ratings as more supporters continue to abandon their ideology and are in dire need for alternative party they can trust especially those in the Anglophone Cameroon

The Fru Ndi led party went After the usual target, the government and in their traditional style, raining down unserviceable criticism against the government for everything ranging from the October 1st deadly protests to the recent ban to their party Littoral officials from holding a peace march in Douala last week end.

What would probably be more surprising is the fact that the parry denies any idea that their MP s have resigned, calling them jokes as the urge their MPs to return back to parliament where they have really been of no legislative use for the country for the past 30 years as both houses have always been largely controlled by the government since the introduction of multiparty politics in the early 1990s.

The party also importantly sifted their all-important congress for February next year where the new national chairman is expected to be elected as Fru Ndi has increasingly comes under fire to resign and give the battle a new leadership especially at this crisis period in the country.

As official of the party and those of the Ambazonian movement goes home and take stock of the recent events which they organized during the weekend, most of them would surely realize how disservice they have been to the people of Cameroon with their egoistic tendencies

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