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How the Guardian Post got it so right: CRTV’s Njeck Sylvanus backs-home prestigious GP Annual awards as GCE Board’s Monono takes man of the year awards

It was on the 17th of February , a cool weather on the seaside resort town of Limbe as inhabitants welcome dignitaries across the country to its oil rich city to once again celebrate outstanding professional Cameroonians who have made the difference

The Guardian post Newspaper Annual awards is fast becoming a house hold name, the prestigious awards which has as former laureates President Biya, Chantal Biya and much more this time was convening at the Musango Beach Resort in Limbe as guest were welcomed with smile and offered a seat at the foot of the Atlantic ocean as sea breeze keeps reminding them that hard work truly pays

But ever since the awards was launched, many still had doubts as to the criteria used to pick up laureates, the paper insists the  laureates are voted by their readers while critics decry the platform used to do the voting and condemn the lack of transparency in giving out the awards by the country’s lone  English speaking daily newspaper.

But as the winners of the 2018 edition of the awards were rolled out, two names stood out and firm and gave credence to the decision of the awards juries, giving its mission the much needed credibility it deserves, even its critics could have found it difficult to disagree

CRTV’s Njeck Sylvanus from Mount Cameroon FM took the best radio animator awards and Humphrey Monono from the GCE Board took man of the year.

Let’s begin with the former

It’s no doubt that Njeck Sykvanus pose rare animating skills in the world of animating. It is safe to say that he is arguably the finest radio animator the country has ever known and he l still to reach his apex, still plenty of room to improve. Ever since his rise to fame at the popular Mount Cameroon radio six years back, he has been a house hold name in South West region and beyond as fans have become used to wake up every morning and being entertained with what was fast known as the biggest and best breakfast show on radio anchored by”sweet Njeck” as he is fondly called

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His speed, mastery of English and choice of words has left his competitors struggling for recognition and hoping to fit in the second place.

Working alongside France trained Daouala based Leonard  Chartalain, Cameroon’s finest animating brains, the Native from Batibo, Nort h west region and married father of three says his strength comes from God and his inspiration from his colleaques

His has not failed to praised his former colleagues for their role they pllayed in developing his talents as he writes his name in gold in the field of radio animating.

Njeck’s choice confirms the professionalism, accuracy and objectivity GP annual awards pay to its Laureates. Taking his awards alongside co radio host Rev Fr Nougi Alender Sob, former Laureates of the awards as he once won educationist of the year, the sweet wonder boys as they are fondly called thanks to their famous breakfast show “sweet wonder version of starter” looked visibly happy as the crowd cheered on

As Njeck Sylvanus was pronounced in the open space, well ventilated esplanade of the Musnago Beach resort, one invited guests said, “if it is Sweet Njeck, then I believe in the objectivity of this award, he is the perfect person”  as huge stamp of approval by one of the skeptics.

Another winner who stood tall was the Registrar of the GCE Board, Dr. Humphrey Monono. The Board boss is credited to have organized a successful GCE across the country free from any activities which could jeopardize the boards standards despite the turbulent crisis endured in the two main regions of the board.

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Humphrey Monono took man of the year awards at a time when very few Cameroonians could have been more successful

Other laureates includes; Easther Kima from CRTV as best TV presenter, Ibrahim Talba as best DG from SONARA, AZIRI credit union as best credit union in the country for the year, Zentih got best insurance and many more

Barister Agbor Balla, Ntumfor Nico, member of multicultural and Bilingualism committee were amongst the other one hundred guests who grazed the occasion

The guests were treated with a buffet as the ceremony finished around 8:00 PM.


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