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Mountain Race 2018: Amidst Anglophone Crisis North West Athletes Keeps Tradition As They Run Away With All Prizes

The 2018 Mount Cameroon Race of Hope that took place at the Molyko Omisport Stadium in Fako Division South West Region of Cameroon saw the domination of athletes from the North West Region of Cameroon despite the ongoing socio-political problems affecting the region. This year Race of Hope took place under heavy security due to the ongoing Anglophone crisis.

The race brought together over 250 athletes from different regions and nations as compared to last year Race that had over 400 athletes in attendance. Many sports lovers blame the low turnout of athletes and supporters due to the ongoing Anglophone problem.

The Race was chaired by the Minister of Sports and Physical Education Bidoung Mkpatt accompanied by the Governor of the South West Region Bernard Okalia B. and other top ranking government officials.

Godlove Gabsebuin with jersey number 167 is the winner of the 23rd Edition of the Mount Cameroon race of Hope 2018.

He used 4:28 Minute to ascend and descend the Chariot of the gods approximately 4100 meters above sea level.

This is not the first time Godlove Gabsebuin is occupying the first position, he came first in 2012, 2013, 2015, and now 2018. In 2017 he was the first male to arrive at the summit of the mount Cameroon but came second at the Molyko Omisport stadium.

Godlove Gabsebuin is from the North West Region of Cameroon in Donga Mantung a village located in Nkambe Division

Fai Elvis Ndzendzeni with Jerssy number 155, an athletes from the North West Region secured the 2rd position of the 2018 Edition of the Mount Cameroon Race of Hope in under 4:30 Minutes.

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Chelimo Luka Kipkemoi from Kenya came third after being the first to ascend the chariot of the gods he was over taken by Godlove Gabsebuin, Fai Elvis Ndzendzeni at the level of descending around Hut 2 and the intermediary Hut the most dangerous place of Mount Cameroon.

At the Female Category Tata Carine Came First and Ngalim Lizzette came second and the third in Ngwaya Yvonne all from the North West Region of Cameroon.


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