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President Biya rubishes reports that he is dead, welcomes foreign emissary at Unity Palace

For some time now, there has been numerous conspiracy theories about the state of health of the country’s president with rumors from some quotas even claiming the President might have died and top government brass are hiding it from the public

But amidst the rumors and confusion about the state of the Presidents health, the 85 years old CPDM leader and country’s head of state was basking in the speculation as attention had been shifted from the security crackdown in Anglophone Cameroon to his heath

President Biya is no stranger to controversy surrounding his state of health as he is famously known to have been declared death at home while abroad and he later came back and blamed detractors and gave them 20 more years to live.

But as President BIYA granted an audience to Mr. Günter Nooke, the German Chancellor’s Personal Representative for Africa in the Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development on 15 February 2018 at the unity peace, the news must have embarrassed his political opponents and detractors who were hoping for the rumors to be true.

President Biya looks strong, confident in power and health as they held bilateral discussion with the German diplomat in the presence Germany’s Ambassador to Cameroon, H.E. Hans-Dieter Stell.

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