Robert Mugabe And Wife Grace Mugabe Move To Singapore

Robert Mugabe and Wife Grace Mugabe has left Zimbabwe to Singapore for his annual holiday trip.

The 93 years old former president of Zimbabwe made his first public appearance today few weeks after he was ousted from power by the military.

According to most Zimbabweans Mr. Mugabe is a leader that need to still be respected despite the fact that he was forcefully kicked out from power; to them he is the founding father of Zimbabwe and will always be regarded as such.

Mr. Mugabe ousting from power was seen by many political analyst as a glorious revolution because the military took power away from Mugabe and handed it over to a civilians something which has never been done in Africa.

But critics are of the opinion that the military handed power to one of their own who have work together with Mugabe for quite a long time and hence nothing will change from the government it will still be based on dictatorship as Emmerson Mnagagwa is no different from Mugabe

Although it is believed that a deal was reached between the military and Mr. Mugabe which included financial compensation to Mr. Mugabe, immunity for him and his entire family and properties just to name but these.

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