5 things Chelsea can do to beat Barcelona

Chelsea will be facing a stern test against Barcelona at Stamford Bridge and book makers have tipped the Spanish side as favourites in the contest.

Both teams have always set the Champions League alive with top quality display of football artistry in the European scene. Antonio Conte side needs to get the result at home as the return leg even promises to be a tougher match irrespective of the outcome of the first leg. Here are five things Chelsea can do to beat Barcelona at Stamford Bridge. 1. They must be defensively sound Any team that needs to beat Barcelona must also have their backs covered – having an organized defence and goalkeeper with a little beat of luck when scoring chances hit the bar or get squandered, must all work in Chelsea’s favour.

The Catalan giant are known to be an attacking minded side and the team itself is loaded with players with good conversion rate – ranging from defenders to the attackers, they can score all manner of goals. 2. Counter-attack through Hazard and Pedro The best form of attack is to defend and Chelsea’s chance of breaking the heart of Barcelona is to take advantage of their mistakes.

Long passes from N’Golo Kante and Cesc Fabregas to Hazard or Pedro can make the difference in the final third, it is only now left for Chelsea to utilize their scoring chances. 3. Divorce the Alba/Messi marriage The partnership between Alba/Messi this season has been impeccable as both players have always have their hands in the team’s goals.

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Since Neymar’s departure, Alba has benefited more from Messi’s key passes into the opponents area and Messi has the highest number of assist in the Spanish League. 4. Make the game physically demanding English sides are always known to give Barcelona a run for their money when it comes to Champions League football because of the physicality which tends to ware the Spanish side down. PAY ATTENTION: Like our Facebook sports page to stay in touch with latest sports news However, Conte’s men should avoid getting booked in the process as it will slow the zeal to stop the five-time European Champions and give the advantage to Barcelona. 5. Convert scoring chances The Champions League is about teams who score goals not creating the chances and Chelsea needs to score in other to gain momentum in game


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