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Mbah Ndam Vs Joshua Osih: Who has the masterstroke to end Biya’s 35 years reign prematurely

As the SDF convention looms, political observers and analysts have been have been weighing the chances of the two front runners to succeed Fru Ndi as the SDF’s ticket to face the mountainous CPDM in the forthcoming Presidential elections.

Hon. Mbah Ndam and Hon, Joshua Osih are not the only candidates vying for the position to represent the party at the elections, Hon. Nchinda is running too, but truth be told, he got no real political chance and has been dubbed the “spoiler”

Fru Ndi who remains hugely popular and commands an avalanche of powers within the part has decided to run as Chairman but is yet to decide on which o0f the three candidates he will support at least not in public

The two front runners are very close to the national chairmen and both of them are his political protégés. They have unconditionally and in countless occasions defended him in the past and continue to do so whenever the Ntarinkong landlords come under fire from the public about his political activities.

Hon. Mbah Ndam is the SDF Member of Parliament from Batibo and currently one of the Vice presidents of the national Assembly.

The legal mind has been with the party for over 20 years and sources say enjoys cozy relationship with the party’s founder and national chairmen Ni John Fru Ndi with whom they both hailed from the North West region of the country

On the other hand, Hon. Joshua Osih is a business magnet and another political heavyweight in the party.

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He is currently the party’s number two and also a member of parliament for the littoral even though he hails from the South West region and as is seen by many as the favorite to win the race.

Joshua Osih also enjoys considerable support from the youth wing of the party and his South west and Littoral contingents who think it’s their time to rule the party many dubbed the Anglophone party

But amongst the two political heavyweights, noted for their fierce critics of the government and unquestioned allegiance to the party and its chairman, who really has what it takes to dethrone president Biya in the fourth coming elections?

If there is one thing Fru Ndi’s critics had decried about the politician, it is his soft heartedness in the face of “brutal regime”. Many say he failed to take his chances when they  did present themselves and gave his political opponents the chance to reign for as long as they could.

In this light, many say Osih will be the man for the job, considered tough and offensive, his supporters says Osih will fight forcefully to preserve his votes and will response aggressively to any idea of voter fraud during elections, and represent the kind of person many say is needed to deal with the government at this point

Osih also enjoys massive support from the youths of this country, they easily identify with him as he is still very young and believe he can help bring  fresh impetus to the ageing government run by the CPDM where youths have no place.

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And finally, his international cloud. Osih is seen as one of the few within the party with massive international connection which is an asset to help him make a case whenever there is discrepancy in the political outcome of the elections.

On the other hand, many say Mbah Ndam despite mastery of the law, does not have what it takes to dethrone Biya. Youths don’t believe very much in him as many considers him too “old” and too weak to lead the chief opposition party as these monumental moments of our country’s political crossroads.

Mbah Ndam will certainly enjoy huge support from his native North West regions of the country where he hails from but representing the party might alienate some section of the party who might see the party as a “North West thing” and be reluctant to identify themselves with its activities out of the region

TNN has learned that party bigwigs within the ruling CPDM are aiming and hoping that Hon. Mbah Ndam gets the SDF tickets which will make the road for their candidates even easier


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