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Osih is the man: 28 years, 9 conventions, and one goal; can the business magnet deliver what veteran Fru Ndi failed For 27 years to do?

The people spoke and the Social democratic Front, Cameroon’s chief opposition party listened and the results today epitomize that. Hon. Joshua Osih, SDF’s first Vice president and Member of Parliament has won the battle to represent this part at the controversial forthcoming presidential elections

He was always seen as the favorite to win the race after party founder and veteran politician Ni John Fru Ndi bowed out at the opening day of the three day convention at the Bamenda congress hall.

But even at that, he still needed to beat party heavyweights and fellow members of parliament Hon Joseph Mbah Ndam and Nchinda Simon.

But when Mbah Ndam whom many had seen as the only real threat to Osih’s beat opted out of the race just before elections began, it became clear that the party had technically thrown its weight behind the Douala based, South West born business magnet Joshua Osih and the results was a landslide with over 80% of the votes cast favoring him

Osih is the flag bearer and carries a huge responsibility ahead of the elections. In a terrain where his mentor has failed for 27 years in his constant quest to dethrone president Paul Biya of the CPDM who has ruled the country for over 35 years, Osih comes in with frseh impetus, determined to do what no other politician has done in the country’s post-independence history, beat a seating head of state in elections

The odds might be astoundingly aginst Osih but if there is anybody who could possibly do it, osih certainly is the right man

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Considered tough and radical, the 50 years old business magnet enjoys broad base support from youths across the political divide of the country, enjoys the support of his party and emerge at a time when the country is suffering from a fractured political landscape with the Anglophone crisis threatening to divide the country. Many say he represents he future of Cameroon’s politics.

Osih has been given the opportunity to make history at the most difficult moments and he certainly knows that the time could not have been better to grasp it.

The eyes of the international community are more focused on the country, the youths are tired of the ageing Biya’s government and the Anglophones dont not even want to identify with the country anymore as secessionist continuously gain plenty of space in the minds of many as the crisis winds on

Many had lost faith in the party of Ni John Fru Ndi and largely so because the accused the founder of  being power drunk and refusing to give the next generation the chance to lead in an increasingly hostile political landscape.

Many had seen osih as the right man for the job and since after the 2011 presidential elections, there call for him to  run even became louder

Undistracted by the massive support from grass root militants, the South west born Osih remained calm, stayed loyal to the party and its founder Fru ndi and patiently waited for the right time and so did it arrive

When Mbah Ndam finally pull out of the race leaving Hon. Nchinda against the ‘politically mighty” Osih, it became clear that the party had unanimously chosen their faithful national Vice president to lead them in a race many consider the ultimate one

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