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Cabinet reshuffle: Why did President Biya Pick the man vomited by his people.

It’s over a week since the last Presidential decree which saw the coming into the for-front of the political arena of Acadmic don and former UB VC Prof. Nalova Lyonga and the no nonsense Paul Atanga Nji as the two Anglophones makes history by simultaneously holding their ministerial positions for the first time in modern history of our country

But these two are by no means political novices in the country especially Mr. Paul Atanga Nji. The Mezam  boy has been a loyal servant to the ruling party for decades and have survived in areas where his colleagues  have failed in the past, gathering plenty of political points along his part

The new MINAT boss has and continues to enjoy political supremacy and before his appointment as interior ministry head, he was serving as the Minister of Special duties at the presidency and permanent secretary general at the country’s security council, a position he still doubles today.

He remains one of the few Anglophones at the highest level of state affairs and critical decision making positions and enjoys the luxury of holding top secret documents and information about the country given his position as the country’s spy chief, hence, his coming into the ministry of territorial administration is certainly a right move in a professional sense even though politically it is catastrophic

For a man who poured in huge resources but financially and materially to dethrone the SDF in their own back yard, Atanga Nji even dared and successfully created a Ntarinkong sub section of the ruling CPDM, in a clear jab at the national Chairman of the country’s leading opposition party the SDF who also resides in Ntarikong

But when Atanga Nji embarks on his battle to dethrone Fru Ndi’s party in his own backyard, very few believed he had any real chance until his party won the Bamenda 1 council, picking up voters who share land boundaries with Fru Ndi in an area many had considered political waterloo for the ruling party

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But such is the political capital in the person of Mr. Paul Atanga Nji, whose hard work and loyalty for his party and indeed the president and has been rewarded with juicy positions and it was no secret when he vocally and infamously denied the existence of any Anglophone problem, becoming the highest profile Anglophone elite to do so in public to the embarrassment of his own base.

But even such huge political plunder capable of ending some politicians’ career was rather a catalyst for Mr. Atanga who was rather promoted to the minister of territorial administration.





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