Mrs Chantal Biya: The Silver lining in a dark cloud of Biya’s government

First lady Mrs Chantal Biya has always been at the forefront of massive social projects in the country. The wife of the head of state has made it a duty for her office to extend humanitarian support to thousands of less privilege Cameroonians in a country where many are in dire need of it

The UNICEF goodwill ambassador through her renowned CERAC nongovernmental organization has touched the lives of many and continues to do so today.

Madam Biya remains a bedrock in Cameroon’s social development and health drive with her CIRB hospital a reference of research in sub Saharan Africa and continues to make great strides in finding lasting solutions to solve daily challenges in the country faced by women and children

There is no single region in this country that is yet to benefit from the largess of the first lady who has remain shy from taking a lead political role despite the fact that her husband is ageing.

Her famous Fondation Chantal Biya in 1994,  is noted for their regular outings coordinated by the wifes of her husband’s close aids to different art of the country with goods and services worth tens of millions francs CFA to carter for the needy population

In  a continent where first ladies haven’t shy away from taking active political roles, Biya Has remain focus to her humanitarian goals, but her massive works across the county seem cut out by the political cloud wielded by her husband in a country that remains heavily divided.

As the world celebrates the role of women today, we celebrate the country’s first lady

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