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Minister Paul Atanga Nji stamps his authority in Anglophone Cameroon, bans circulation of bikes in restive areas as new MINAT boss seeks to restore order

In press release issued by the new territorial administration and decentralization boss Paul Atanga Nji, the minister cum permanent Secretary General of the national Security Council detailed an attempted attack on a Presbyterian high school in Batibo by terrorist’s forces which he says was prevented by security forces amongst others to buttress his case

In a release aimed for national and international consumption, the new MINAT boss whose latest appointment generated massive criticism from the English regions of North West and South west regions, minister Atanga Nji called the attention of members of the international community about the Batibo attack, high profile kidnappings in same town  alongside a host of other security challenges before vowing to maintain order in an area of the country which has suffered from huge security frailties in recent months as the Anglophone crisis widens and changes in scope and operation

Ndian division, Muyuka, Konye, Kumba I, Kumba II, Kumba III subdivisions respectively Batibo sub divisons whih has been recent area of high profile kidnappings are amongst the places hit hard by the north west born minister who seeks to reassert his authority and bring order.

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