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Trouble in Paradise: Barrister Kameni beaten in his own game as the fate of unified SOBA hangs on a thread

It is one of the most prestigious secondary and high schools in the country and indeed one of the oldest built by the Germans during colonization. Sasse College based in Buea is not only famous for its history but by the number of personalities who proudly call that school their own.

The Soppo- based school enjoys arrogantly the monopoly of a heavy contingent of top government dignitaries, business magnets, and enviable diaspora amongst their ranks as their SASSE old Boys Association remains unarguably the most prestigious former student association in the country.

Many who passed through the single sex boys only school, pride themselves as SOBAs as they are call themselves and are proud t identify themselves with a school which has produced more than two Prime minster in the country
But for persons who are looked up as moral paragon in the society considering their holistic training back in SASSE with moral and spiritual values the cornerstone of their stay there, power grabbing, gross disobedience and disrespect were the least things many would have expected.

But the Association many consider “paradise” as it outsmart in comparism with any other in the country is facing an existential crisis. Factions have emerged, court declaration in circulation and power struggle which is threatening the future of the revered body.

That people will be ambitious to assume position of power in a school as prestigious as SASSSe with countless association Chapters is no surprising, but when that becomes at all cost eve at the expense of the association’s survival, then it’s a cause for concern.

Renown Legal heavyweight barrister John Khameni had rallied a faction of SOBANs to what they termed revived grand general Assembly where he was elected as president General of the association in a gathering held in Douala on March 3rd 2018.

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TeboPost learned that Barister Khameni’s meeting did not receive the blessing of the church and the Bishop and Proprietor of the school; neither did his meeting receive the blessings of majority of SOBA members.

He nonetheless secured his positon and went ahead to seek for a court order banning any future meeting in the country by disgruntled members with that regards. SO was the planned General Assembly meeting programmed for Doula banned by the DO for Douala V who cited security concerns and brandishing the court order as reasons for his decision.

But the legal minds actions were met by retributions and another meeting was convened at the BIROCOL Library, just beside the Bishop’s house by another camp who refused to identify with Khamenei and before the forces of law and order could disrupt the gathering this Saturday march 10th they had already elected another bureau to man the same association defying the court order.

Prof Ephraim Ngwafor was elected President and a communiqué was issued which carries the signature of the principal of the college to attest they enjoy the support from the church even though the law doesn’t seem to be on their side.

While their communiqué criticize the move of Kameni led faccion without mentioning him by name, the move however throw a spotlight on the future of the prestigious association whose future now rests in the courtrooms
TeboPost learned that the matter has been tabled to the minister of Justice and final solution might come from Yaoundé as both parties are bent on moving on.

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But as the historic association struggles to keep the name and integrity of school many had started to questions its moral intergrity considering the involvement of some of its former students in high profile embezzlement cases the latest power struggle might kill the SOBA we all grow to love and admire today


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