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Ambazonian defense force goes the Taliban way, fate of kidnapped NW delegate hangs on a thread as clock ticks to deadline of ultimatum

The so called Ambazonian defense forces have issued an ultimatum to the government following a video on social media of the kidnapped regional delegate of social affairs in Bamenda.

The Social affairs delegate who was kidnapped in Batibo, chief town of Batibo subdivision just days after the highest authority of the land in that jurisdiction was also kidnapped has been making rounds on social media


In the Video, Mr.  Amimbom Aaron calls on the government to show proof of life of the arrested Ambazonian leaders before 48 hours or risk execution in the hands of his kidnappers whom government calls terrorists forces

The kidnapping of the South West born regional delegate alongside the DO for Batibo all in the same town within weeks have made them the highest ranking government officials and citizens of the country so far to be taken hostage by the s called ADF

The group which was born by the current Anglophone crisis which started as peaceful protests of lawyers and teachers has been responsible for a series of attacks against the forces of law and order in different parts of the two regions with huge human casualties.

While the group so far is not known for targeting civilians authorities have labeled them terrorists and vowed to crush them.

The latest tactics of kidnappings of top government officials in different parts of the country has generated a new array of security concerns and headache for a government which is already over stretch with security challenges in the north of the country with the fight of Boko haram terrorist groups

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Many have been quick to liken the new approach of the rebels to that of Afghanistan based Taliban terrorist origination who are specialist in guerrilla warfare and experts in high profile kidnappings of top government officials and foreigners in the country in exchange for their jailed members or ransom to continuously fund their struggle.

As the Anglophone crisis gradually but surely deepens to a full scale crisis with no one willing to compromise  and the international community seemingly over stretched with more pressing world issues, we must realize as Cameroonians that every single life matter and true and genuine dialogue to fining lasting solutions to the two year crisis the only way out.


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