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Atanga Nji’s first major decision as MINAT boss sends thousands of Anglophones out of work as government goes after symptoms and ignores the cause.

The latest decree from the MINAT boss banning the circulation of motorbikes in some subdivisions in North West and South West regions as well as the entire Ndian division has sparked a wave of joblessness.

In a country where hundreds of thousands really solely on motorbike transportation as a means of livelihood as jobs remains scarce and employment at historic high, the latest and unpopular decision has fueled another problem of its own.

Minister Atanag Nji’s decision is driven by security concerns as rebels have used motorbikes in recent spate of attacks angst the forces of law and other in the affected localities.

But with the population solely dependent on motorbikes for employment in these areas suffering from job vacancy drought and the general population for transportation, the decision could not have been more punitive to a people who are victims of arrogant exhibition of political excesses and blatant disrespect of people’s lives


Government has rushed to ban circulation of bikes in a desperate attempt to curb hit and run attack by the so called Ambazonian defiance forces but for the past two years remains adamant to engage the people in genuine dialogue to find lasting solutions to their problems despite numerous calls at home and abroad from them to do so


The government thaN anyone else knows the root cause of the problem and should certainly be are that any measure short of engage the people in a genuine and urgent dialogue will certainly only postpone the problem but certainly not a solution to it

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While Atnaga Nji’s first major decision as territorial administration boss will go down in history as one which sends thousands out of the  job market, the population of these affected areas remains the victim of  government who has refuse to take the opinion of the people they were elected to serve.


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