“Please spare his marginalized life” A concerned Cameroonian makes an impassioned plea to kidnappers of Social affairs delegate as 48 hours deadline draws near

The video of kidnapped regional delegate of Social affairs circulating online has generated plenty of empathy amongst well-wishers who are coming to terms with the gruesome realities on the ground

In a video where the kidnapped north west regional delegate pleads with the government to show proof of life of arrested Ambazonian leaders or risks losing his life within 48 hours, the South West born Aaron has been seen by many as victim of circumstance as he commands no influence within the decision making circle of state machinery where the decision concerning the fate of Tabe Julius and co solely rests.

In a heartfelt message directed to the leaders of the Ambazonian factions who kidnapped the delegate, a social media user whose name we are withholding pleads with the Ambazonian leadership to spare the life of one of theirs.

In his piece making rounds on social media, he says the “delegate of social affairs has nothing” as he recounts that his entire ministry accounts for just over 4billion annual budget and after being “shared in Yaoundé and parts embezzled, the man only gets hundreds of thousands”.

He went to question the logic behind “killing a man who is already marginalized by the kind of office he holds” before signing off his emotional plea with a “thank you “note.

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