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Trump fires FM Rex Tillerson after trip to Africa as Billionaire president continues with his apprentice-style leadership in the White House

Trump fired FM Rex Tillerson after trip to Africa as Billionaire president continues with his apprentice-style leadership to White House

US secretary of State Rex Tillerson is one of the igh profile diplomats in the Trump’s inner circle to be fired in an administration that is being run like the popular TV program which was anchored by the President himself called “the Apprentice”

Secretary Tillerson was concluding his trip to Africa where he had visited Kenya, Ethiopia, and Nigeria amongst other countries to rush back to Washington only to receive news of his dismissal on twitter according to sources.

Relations between the president and his former Secretary of state has been strain lately with leaked reports claiming the US top diplomat called Trump a maroon months back and the President ever really got over it despite the fact that Secretary Tellerson never accepted or deny he said so in subsequent interviews

For a man who made fortunes by selling his name, sources say Trump adores loyalty and Tillerson who before becoming secretary of state was CEO of Exxon Mobile wasn’t buying into that.

In his tweet announcing the news, trumps says ” Mike Pompeo, Director of the CIA, will become our new Secretary of State. He will do a fantastic job! Thank you to Rex Tillerson for his service!”

But insiders to Trump White House says Tillerson firing was prompted by their differences in the handling of the Iran Nuclear deal with the president wants it cancel and the Secretary of State wants it kept. Te President even confirmed this assertion in his interview at the foot of his helicopter saying “they disagreed on a lot of things especially the Iran deal”

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His dismissal comes weeks ahead of an historic meeting between the North Korea regime and the US governments as the two leaders are set to make history by becoming the first leaders in the two countries to meet.

Speculations had been sky high about the possible firing of the chief US diplomat who has lead an understaff state department since taking office as many offices remain vacant and the agency suffering from budget cuts as Americans are coming to terms with an unprecedented President in the person of no nonsense Trump.

Tillerson joins the list of high profile names that have been fired by the president in his past 14 months From Steve Banon, Spencer, General Flynn, Ryan Priebus and more and there are speculations many are still on firing lists.

Rex Tillerson will be replaced by the CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

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