Where is Joshua Osih? From election euphoria to “birther” controversy, Osih goes mute as Atanga nji surprisingly steals the spotlight

His election as flag bearer or Cameroon’s chief opposition party last month in Bamenda generated a lots offline and online buzz, many hay the arrival of Hon Joshua Osih as the beginning of the new dawn.

The 49 year old had just replaced the veteran politician and pace setter Ni john Fru Ndi as the Natrainkong landlord decided not to run after massive pressure from the grassroots for him to step aside for the younger generation

Filling the shoes of John Fru  Ndi was always going to be a mountainous task for any politician in Cameroon and Osih was no different.

Ni John Fru Nd who is largely credited to have braved the storm, amidst tear grass and bullets to launch his party in the 90s and has remained a huge political figure in the country ever since his party was founded. He remains an influential voice within and out his party today. He still remains the party chairman and wields enormous powers

After his electon, Osih thanked militants for putting the insurmountable task of dethroning president Biya from a seat he has occupied since 1982 and is more or less his home, but the daring South west born Osih made thousands present he knew what to do

He gave sketchy plans how he will visit every single division of the country to market himself and vow to make it for his party by winning the forthcoming Presidential election

After his historic election at the helm of the party, the spotlight quickly shifted from his manifest to his nationality as some papers picked up stories of his alleged dual nationality in an apparent smear campaign against a man who still seats at the country’s Member of Parliament for Douala where he runs his businesses

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But as the controversies swells, the President of the Republic stole the spotlight from Osih with a decree that is partial in form but pregnant with political consequences as the reshuffle brought to the spotlight long time regime baron in the person of Mr Atanga Nji, who gained fame for denying the existence of the Anglophone problem alongside the dismissal of some political godfathers

The new MINAT boss immediately stle the pot light from Osih, inked a series of unprecedented and controversial decrees to stamp his authority in the country and the new role he now enjoys

While another Presidential aspirants Akere  Muna continues to make rounds from one village to another affected by the crisis  to churches  for facts finding and prayers respectively, Osih probably have decided to have a quiet moment to strategize as senatorial election campaigns slowly goes unnoticed with CPDM set to win almost every single seat up for grasp at the country’s upper house


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