Heading for one party senate? CPDM refuses to relinquish their senatorial seats to SDF as Election Day looms

The team of SFD lawyers has lost all cases filed against the ruling part-CPDM with respect to the forthcoming senatorial elections scheduled for March 26.

The party of Ni John Fru Ndi which stands no real chance of winning even single seat in the upper house has been battling at the constitutional council over the eligibility of some CDP lasts in the West and Adamawa regions of the country.

How are the elections conducted?

Senatorial elections in the country are held once after every five years and senators have no term limits.

This will be the second time the country will be voting for their senators and the constitution provides for a lists system.

Each of the parties submit their list of 7 senators per region which constitutes 70 senators across the country while the President of the republic appoints 30

Who are those eligible to vote?

The problem with the senatorial electing in this country is the people voting. Unlike the parliamentary and  council elections where the population decides who to be their representative or mayor, the councilors are the persons responsible to vote for senators in their regions.

Therefore the party with the highest number of councilors in the region most likely will win the senate seats in that region

CPDM currently dominates in terms of councilor’s counts in all ten regions of the country putting them on course to potentially run a one party senate which will likely be an embarrassment to the government which prides itself as democratic

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What happened 5 years ago?

The councilors voting now did vote 5 years ago. But the CPDM sparingly failed to meet up with deadlines in two regions of West and Adamawa hence their lists I those areas where cou8ncliled, given the chief opposition party the chance of winning 14senate seats after the ruling CPDM in a rare political outing urged their councilors to vote for the arch rival in an apparent attempt to give the upper house an opposition touch even through their insignificant number in the 100 seats senate has failed to change any course.

With elections drawing closer and closer, the chances of having any real opposition voice in the upper house remains glimmer as the CPDM is set to ruthlessly win all 70 seats in across the country while any other hope for senatorial portfolio might only come from the magnanimity of the President of the republic when he appoints the next 30 the complete the 100 member house



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