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Political deja vus ? Biya dish out fresh old instructions to ministers

According to CRTV, cabinet ministers were called to work very hard to better serve the nation. The called was made today by the head of state as he chaired the first council of ministers after the cabinet reshuffle which saw the coming into the political chessboard of some new faces while many continued the recycled process which has trailed the 35 years reign of the president

The president urged the cabinet to work hard and respect the hierarchy. The 68 ministers, secretary of states and top government functionaries listen kindly to the directives of the head of state as the President reiterated old stories such as working to curb unemployment, increase push on decentralization, reduction in government expenditure and acceleration of projects across the country.

But this is not the first time the president is talking about these issues to his close collaborators even though results on the ground remain indifferent. The Yang government which many say is too corrupt and outdated has failed to serve the growing challenges faced by many in the country.

The much talk about Anglophone crisis was not given priority in the meeting as the president choses s to focus on his assessment that things have return to normalcy even though Minister Atanga Nji has been sending out a tsunami of decrees to curb the growing insecurity of government officials around the country.

While the new ministers will be celebrating their appointments and new confidence bestowed on them by the president as some meets him for the very first time for millions of Cameroonians it’s a political déjà vu.


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