Happening Now: Atanga Nji marches into northwest to a scanty reception from CPDM diehards

Newly appointed minister of territorial administration and permanent Secretary to the National Security Council, North West born Pauil Atanga  Nji has gone home for thank you rally to his people.

The controversial minister who went out of favor with his own people for publicly denying the existence of the Anglophone problem in 2016 has gone back to a place where he was stoned barely two years ago and labeled traitor of the people.

The kind of boisterous and flamboyant jubilation which usually trails and characterized  newly appointed ministers when wver thy come to town for the first time after taking office has withered with minister Atanga Nji’s arrival as many still him part of the larger problem they suffer today.

Minister Atnaga Nji goes to increasingly fragile North West regions with recent spade of kidnappings of government officials in Batibo sending distress signals to  government officials as secessionists  struggle to establish a footprint in that part of the country

The minister also goes to a region where the people are suffering from the effects of his ministerial ban on bikes in an area where thousands of youths rely on motorcycles as primary means of transport and most importantly employment to the youths.

But against all these, few party diehards and members of his clan have come out in party colors to welcome what some still see as one of their illustrious sons who has risen to the pyramid of political ladder by becoming the first Anglophone to lead the prestigious mi9nistry of territorial administration

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His visit to Bamenda also sends the right message to power the head of state assertion that things are normalizing in the restive Anglophone regions as minister Atanga couldn’t have dreamt of making such visit two years ago at the height of the crisis


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