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Opinion: SDF’s Hon. Fobi’s clash with Cavaye epitomizes the Speaker running of National Assembly like a family house

The Anglophone crisis has come to further expose the frailties and deep lack of independence our upper and lower houses of parliament really represent.

For a body which is the supposed to be a collection of people whose sole interest and goal is to represent their the interest of their constituency, the crisis has revealed shocking revelations about the peoples representative and how the hose is run

Most of them have failed to stand up to their responsibilities and force the government to take urgent measures to dialogue the people and end this insane conflict.

Its unthinkable to know that Cameroon’s parliament will hold for more than four sessions and failed to discuss the Anglophone crisis which has killed tens of persons and leave tens of thousands more on exile as refugees in neighboring Nigeria

The crisis is far from over as many deceitfully  try to point out with rampant killing of security forces, high profile kidnappings of administrative officials in  Batiob amongst others a cruel reminder that we are in uncertain times

The country’s  lower house has shy away from the debate, and CDPM MPs have chosen to remain silent in the face of brutal crackdown from the government and rising insecurity posed  by secessionists whom the  government described as terrorists forces in even in their own backyards.

Entire villages have been burnt; many children lost their parents and many more leaves as refugees in a senseless crisis which could have been prevented for over two years and the people MPs have failed them especially those from the Anglophone Cameroon.

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Few however from the chief opposition party the SDF have stood up in the past like Hon Wirba,  Osih, Mbah Ndam and ore recently Fobi Nchinda but their insignificant number has failed to force the government to take them seriously.

The video showing the latest clash between Hon. Fobi and the house Speaker Hon Cavaye who has ruled the body for over a quarter of a century once again paints a dark reality-it’s his thing

While the SDF MP struggle to question the foreign affairs minister about government actions to stop the “war” and start dialogue, he was quickly reprimanded  by the speaker when he ask about what government is doing to ensure the return of refugee in Nigeria

The Speaker who ironically chastises the North West based MP for discussing Nigeria in his parliament ask the SDF MP to end his questioning even before he had exhausted his 10 minutes required by the standing order of the house to question the minister

The continued battled and war of words between Hon Fobi and Rt Hon Cavaye once again brings to a sad reminder the battle between the speaker and the defiant SDF’s Wirba two years ago in the same house

For a man who is supposed to be the 3rd in line to constitutionally succeed the President of the republic in case of position becomes vacant, many would have thought he alongside others would have been in a mad rush to lead a campaign to have real and genuine discussion in the country’s parliament to solve the ongoing crisis

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On the other hand, the speaker have made it a duty to shy away from the topic to the embarrassment of many and has made no secret to use his powers to kill any other voice seeking to discuss topics concerning the ongoing crisis leaving many to conclude that the government is not willing to solve the problem

Hon Cavaye continuous purge of MPs from the podium who want to have debates about the crisis only fuels the mantra of those who claim the government is not willing to dialogue and only interested in suppressing the Anglophones.

The government has made it abundantly clear lately that it cannot dialogue with people who wants to separate the country, labeling them terrorist forces and therefore kills any prospect of government lead dialogue with the intervention of parliament

If existential problems facing a democratic country cannot be addressed at the Parliament were could such dialogue hold



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