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Kidnapped, undressed, humiliated and publicized: This is not who we are

The entire Anglophone Cameroon and indeed the whole nation is coming to terms with the gruesome video circulating online of yet another senior government officials of Anglophone origin being kidnapped by the “Ambazonian defense forces” ADF as they are known.

The arm group which was born out of the Anglophone crisis has been making headline news in recent weeks as they resort to high profile kidnappings of top administrative officials to force the government to make political concessions

The taking in custody of the revered professor and Chairman of the prestigious Cameroon’s GCE Board Prof. Leke Ivo Tambo who had served his country diligently in his capacity as the Secretary General in the ministry of Secondary and basic education for years comes as a shocking surprise to many.

Prof Leke was leading a delegation to his native Fontem on Saturday 17th March to planned  a homecoming of one of their illustrious son who was recently appointed a minister in the March 2nd cabinet reshuffle

But the planned ceremony never ever took place as armed rebels had other plans, they ambushed the car of the venerated professor and took him hostage.

Professor Leke was amongst the 40 people kidnapped by the armed forces although reports says many were later freed while the “big man” still remains in custody as others rush to their respective town to tell the ordeal

Cameroon businessman Angel bert Etoga has returned to his home town, Yaounde, 24 hours after he was abducted and released by armed separatist groups.

He says he and about 36 others were on a bus traveling to Lebialem in southwestern Cameroon to attend a political rally when armed men attacked and seized the vehicle. According to VOA


Before long, videos of the kidnapped newly installed GCE board boss was embarrassingly seen circuiting on social media as he looks naked wearing just pants as ADF recounts their tale to the distain of many.

The recent kidnap of one of the most respected Anglophone academic minds has sparked countless controversies and generated an avalanche of criticism online as many users decry the way the professor has been humiliated, naked and shamed in the video despite his non influenttial roe in the esalation ofthis crisis

Many had decry it as being anti-Anglophone in nature   and values and decry  the terrorist tendencies exhibited by armed groups whose purpose they say is to “protect the people”

But for a people with certain gentleman values, acts with semblance of terrorism are not part of our values and such unprecedented humiliation has never been enshrined in the Anglophone notebook.

While many continue to point fingers  at the government for failing to tackle the problem heads on thereby forcing many young people to resort to arms in order to make their case, the government holds that those fighting are terrorist forces whose only agenda is to divide the country and has vowed to fight till the end as the deadlock  continues to a painful stage with innocent men, women and children dying amidst the crisis, the protagonists are  showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon and the crisis far from over

With more and more senior government officials being taken hostage by armed groups in different parts of the country, the ADF are gradually making the better part of the Anglophone Cameroon especially in the remote villages ungovernable as government official snow prefer to rule out of their seat of power in their respective jurisdiction for the fear of being arrested





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