Ambazonian forces bow to pressure, released revered Anglopone professor Leke Tambo after massive public outcry from humiliating video

Reports yesterday says the revered Anglophone professor of lebialem origin, Leke Tambo has been released by the so called ambazonian defense forces.

News of the release of the chairman of the GCE board quickly made rounds on social media days after his arrest and circulation of his half naked video under captivity was brandished on social media portals

The governor of South West region Benard Okala has confirmed his release and sources close to the family told tebopost he is out of captivity and has been taking for medical checkup in an undisclosed hospital. It is believed he was released by the captives and not freed by security forces we gathered

His release comes barely two days when he was kidnaped in his native Lebialem on his way to Mengie alongside 30 others who were going to prepare for the homecoming of one of their illustrious son who was made a minister in the March 2 government.

Why he was released

After video of the revered professor who has largely been apolitical during this troubling crisis emerged on social media, the Ambazonian defense forces whom the government describes as terrorists received massive backlash from the English speaking population

Many decry the way the former secretary general in the ministries of basic and secondary education was humiliated and publicized across the world even though he has no direct link with the escalation of the ongoi9ng crisis

There call from his release became louder as many decry the kidnap and what some termed “anti-Anglophone values”

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For a group which badly depends on the support of the masses in rural areas, the backlash forced them to release the learned mind.

His release did not go unnoticed ransom claim they his family had to pay a ransom of 100 million to the kidnappers even though they ADF said he was released without any ransom and was send with a sealed warning message to the government

Tebopost reached out to his family but couldn’t get to anyone to comment on the allegations of ransom for his rereleased.

A spade of high profile kidnappings

The taking into undisclosed custody of professor Leke Tambo comes weeks after the D.O of Batibo and the North west regional delegate of social affair were taken hostage in Bamenda and are yet to be released despite the massive search and rescue operation launched by security forces in that part of the country.

The latter was also seen begging the government in a video circulating online to show proof of life of arrested Anglophone secessionists’ leaders or he will be killed.

What do where go from here

Where we go from here is any one guess. The crisis has moved to another phase as young people have taken up arms to fight the government. The government has vowed to crush all “terrorists” as it calls them and insist it will not dialogue with those who want to divide the country.

There is a massive military campaign ot contained the armed groups and life in villages remain seriously affected as pupils and students remain out of school in most villages.

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In his March government, the head of state made some concessions as he appoints more Anglophones in strategic positions, but many have criticize the appointments of some whom they see as part of the problem and escalation of the crisis





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