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How did this happen? Sacked energy minister Atanaga Kouna evades sparrow hawk amidst massive manhunt for embezzlement charges.

Cameroon’s former minister of water and energy Dr. Basi,Atanaga Kouna has finally left the country in a move which rattles anti-corruption campaigners and rubbishes the country’s security operations

Minister Basil Atanga Kouna is said to have flee to Canada despite massive hunt for the minister on multiple counts of embezzlement of public funds from his reign as former Director General of SNEC (from 2002 to 2011)  to when he took over as the minister of water and energy from 2011 till March 2 2018.

Sacked in March 2 cabinet shakeup, the embattled minister who oversaw the operations of the juicy ministry for water and energy for many years and supervised numerous giant projects in the energy sector alongside the privatization of SNEC when he was DG has been caught in a web of multiple corruption charges alongside some close collobaroators.

Soon after he was sacked, news came in on the arrests of former CAMWATER boss Jean William Sollo who replaced him as DG of  CAMWATER amidst heighten charges of corruption which trails all former DGs of the company including Alphonse Roger Ondoa Akoa who spent only 21 months at the helm. The mister was reportedly in hiding as security forces scramble to get hold of him to answer to charges at the special criminal court in Yaoundé.

News of him beating security forces and leaving the country has raise questions about how committed the government really is to fight corruption is ranked in the top spot of corruption index in the world

Minister Basile Atnaga Kouna was banned from leaving the country since Thursday 8th March, just six days after his firing from the ministry he is being accused of stolen state money from.

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Ever since he was prohibited from leaving the country so that he can make himself available to answer to charges against him, the minister went missing amidst massive manhunt. The wife is said to have told security officers days earlier that he had travelled to sea side town of Kribi even though his whereabouts could not be traced in that town when security forces stormed the town

But it is news of his planned escape which has shocked many and filed the newspapers stands. How on earth DR. Basile left the country with a travel ban hanging over his head is a massive question for the country’s security forces and administrators.

Minister Basile is not the first former minister to have left the country in similar circumstance. Former Finance and agriculture minister Esimi Menye also left the country while being investigated for embezzlement charges on the fake basis that he was sick and presently takes residence in the United States over 5 years ago. Many other top government officials have been incarcerated after leaving office including former Prime Minister Ephraim Inoni and a host of former ministers and directors of state corporations


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