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Biya-Buhari bromance : A friend in need is a friend indeed

Cameron shares its biggest border with its giant neighbor Nigeria an truth be told even though both countries have enjoyed historic friendly relations, there have been skirmishes that has question the “special friendship enjoyed by Cameroon and Nigeria

With the troubled ad contested oil rich g Bakassi conflict now a thing of the past, circumstances has forced the two countries to collaborate for common good and wellbeing of their people and they have been doing so effectively.

Cameroon and Nigeria have gradually and steadily witnessed warmth in ties ever since the coming of President Buhuari to power. Faced by common threat I the form of terrorists groups Boko Haram in the northern parts of the country, the two countries have put their forces together to fight what they all agree is a common enemy ad indeed they have been winning.

The two leaders have exchange numerous visits and their collaborators have been shuttling between Abuja and Yaounde every now and then to drop sealed messages to their commander in chiefs and making political requests

Arrests Ambazonia leaders’

Many had wrongly predicted the countries were suffering from a thaw in relation as most Ambazonian separatists leaders were residing in Nigeria. But just weeks after the self-declared president of Ambazonian thanked the Nigerian government for hosting him and his team, Nigerian authorities raided their hotel and arrested all separationist leaders.

And the government of Cameroon on Monday (January 29, 2018) announced that forty seven secessionists had been extradited from Nigeria, while adding that “the government of Cameroon takes this opportunity to commend the excellent multifaceted cooperation existing between Nigeria and Cameroon, particularly with regard to security”.

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A busy week for the continent

In a week where the African giant Nigeria was facing massive criticism from pan Africanist for failing to take the lead and surprisingly pulling out of the 44 members free trade deal amongst African countries, Nigeria dominated headline news in Cameroon for excellent corporation with the country as former energy minister Basile ATnaga Kouna was napped in Nigeria by Interpol and deported to Cameroon just three days after his controversial escape

The minister is wanted at home for embezzlement of state funds



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