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They got him: Runaway Atangana Kouna apprehended in Nigeria and deported to Cameroon to face multiple embezzlement charges

Mbah Lucas Tebo

Former minister of water and energy Dr. Basile Atangana Kouna has been apprehended. The runaway minister who left the country in a move which generated social media storm and public outcry despite the fact he had an arrest warrant on his head was arrested yesterday in neighboring Nigeria.

Minister Basile Atangana Kouna faces multiple charges of corruption and embezzlement from his reign as Director General of defunct SNEC, a state corporation which he helped to privatize back in 2011. All the other former DGs of the now CAMWATER have been arrested and  face similar charges of financial theft and misconduct.

Sacked as minister in March 2 2018, the former minister dribble the security forces in what many back home describe as a textbook example of security failure to flee to neighboring Nigeria. But the under fire government response was overwhelming and swift as they engaged the services of Interpol.

His escape lasted only three days. While he was already announced in Canada, Basile Atangana Kouna was snapped up by Interpol in Nigeria on the night of March 21 to 22, 2018. And immediately, the Cameroonian authorities sent a special plane to fetch the former water and energy boss who found the soil of his homeland at 18:17 tonight according to Cameroon online

Corruption has been endemic within the Biya government with multiple senior government officials imprisoned after they were found guilty of stealing state funds while the trial of some is still undergoing.

Critics  of the government say the fight is  rather a political witch hunt and the most corrupt people are still holding public offices and militating for the rling CPDM party  with umpunity.

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