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Senatorial election looms: Anglophone Senators have been a textbook example of legislative failure

Polls for the country’s second senatorial lections will open tomorrow all across the country

The election which will see the voting into the upper house of 70 senators, 7 from each of the ten regions will see the councilor choose the people’s lawmakers for the next five years

The elections are coming at a time when the country is facing massive Anglophone crisis as the two region of North West and south west are, marred with political instability and ongoing battle between security forces and separatists forces who recently took up arms to fight for independence.

On paper, the March 25 elections should be won by the ruling CPDM party in all the 10 regions of the country as they have more councilors than any other party.

The closest any party can get is the North West where the ruling party and the chief opposition party the SDF share a minimal gap in terms of numbers of councilors.

As administrators in South West and North West regions brandishes different executive orders banning movement of persons, relocating polling stations and much more to curb the rising insecurity, councilors of the two region which has been hit hard recently have the ultimate choice to make themselves heard by authorities in Yaoundé a feet all of their senators aspirants have failed to do for the last 5 years

The dominant ruling CPDM has been marred by internal politics of its own as some party faithfuls decry the “undemocratic nature” of the party as Yaoundé impose lists of candidates  some considered unfavorable in their own terrain

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But amidst the political “ifs” and “buts”, Anglophone councilors are faced with the very simple but mountainous task of voting out the CDPM imposed lists of absentee senators who have refused to identify themselves with the people in recent times or vote for persons who will advocate their interest in Yaoundé.

While the people continue to suffer with thousands as refugees, many death and many more injured and some on exile, our senators pride themselves with luxurious cars, spend most times in Yaoundé lobbying for contracts and some even shamefully deny the existence of a problem many  in their villages, towns and neighborhoods back home are facing just for political adulation

CPDM senators from the regions failed to hold the government to account for the numerous rights abuses in their regions and villages as the population watch in disbelief entire villages burnt to ashes, military officers killed by armed groups and civilians caught in the crossfire.

They failed to force the government to negotiate with the people and even ignore discussing the crisis in their plenary sessions to the embarrassment of many.

Anglophone senators jut like their brothers from the rest of the country consoled themselves with devatingand approving all government submitted bills as has always been the case.

But the law does not allow the population to vote for senators whose outcome would have been easily predictable

The councilors who live with the people and feel their pain will certainly know that choosing between ignore the plights of the people and family over party lines is not something worth given a though

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As they prepare to go the polls, the outcome of Sunday’s election will tell us where they really belong


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