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Opinion: China gave Biya lavish reception, documents to bring back home and elevate him to “A Great Friend of China”

 When it comes to lavish parties and reception of world leaders, very few countries can beat China. The People’s Republic of China is an expert in lavish and huge ceremonies to welcome their august guest and the head of state was no exception given the deepening Sino-Cameroon relationship.

In his three days official trip to one of Cameroon’s biggest trading partner, China, the president of the republic wanted huge delegation of Cameroon business men making the journey with him to the world most populous country and second largest economy, but the Chinese were seemingly not in business mode as the huge business delegation was cancelled at the last minute before he left the country

But while the head of state might have made great strives to visit and see for himself first hand, leading technology companies in China like Huawei and probably ask the price of his PBHev laptops which many  back home considers  a textbook example of international scam, the 85 years old leader more or less comeback from China  unsatisfied.

Information from the website of the presidency says the head of state and the Chinese signed the following 5 major developmental agreements

1) An economic and technical cooperation agreement between the governments of Cameroon and China;

2) A memorandum of understanding on the development of human resources;

3) A protocol agreement to reinforce cooperation on infrastructural development between the Chinese Ministry of Trade and Cameroon’s Ministry of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development;

4) A capacity-building framework agreement on production between the National Development and Reform Commission of the People’s Republic of China and Cameroon’s Ministry of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development;

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5) A Concessional Loan agreement between the Exim Bank of China and Cameroon to cover phase two of the potable water supply project in nine towns in Cameroon.

Many experts say the President’s trip in china was not as successful as he would have love to and does not bring any economic change to an ordinary Cameroonian.

No deal was secured between Chinese businesses and those of Cameroon, neither where there any agreement of transfer of technologies and establishing of industrial infrastructure here in the country to employ youths who largely remain unemployed.

Most of the MoUs brought from China are nothing short of papers in the president’s briefcase and leaves Cameroonian wondering what next. If anything, the president might have secured another loan deal, indebting future Cameroonians even more

As the president of the republic was given a rock star welcome in China and also receives an upgrade as “A Great Friend of China “, many back home are anxious to see his next move considering the widening scandal of incarcerated minister Atanaga Kouna ravages his government.



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