The repentant Atanga Nji? Firebrand minister storms South West with an olive branch during holy week

The minister of territorial administration makes his maiden visit to the restive South West region of Cameroon after his stay in his native North West region just weeks after taking over

The former minister of special duties at the presidency has been busy with files of the Anglophone crisis which continues to pose severe headache to the government with no ending site as the crisis has moved to another phase.

The CPDM firebrand leader who hails from the opposition stronghold of Bamenda was brought in to bring order and much needed end to the ongoing conflict which has killed many and send thousands more as refugees in neighboring Nigeria

Minister Atnaga Nji and entourage today, March 27th 2018 arrived Buea to meet with stakeholders, administrative and traditional authorities in what the government describes as extending a branch of peace.

The unpopular Anglophone minister who became infamous for denying the existence of any Anglophone problem has been charged to resolve the problem he doesn’t recognize.

The holy week visit of the new MINAT boss will offer him the opportunity to mend ties with traditional rulers, civil society as well as the population of the Southwest region who still see him as part of the larger problem

In December 2016 the first Anglophone minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji granted an interview with CRTV Radio in which he stated that Anglophone problem doesn’t exist

“National unity is something we cannot tamper with, H.E President Paul Biya has worked over the years to strengthen unity peace and stability in Cameroon. Today I don’t think we can be talking in terms of Anglophone and francophone it makes no sense because we have Anglophones who are studying in Yaoundé who have been here for 40-50 years you have Francophone who have been in Bamenda all their life.

I want to talk to the lawyers and to the teachers associations that Cameroon is united and if they have problems they have to table it to the right channels, the minister of State Minister of Justice called a meeting the other day and some of those lawyers who pretend to defend the interest of Anglophones did not attend that meeting; the Minister of Higher Education called another meeting to see into those problems and some of those teachers associations in the NW/SW did not attend those meetings.

So I want to tell them that enough is enough we will not tolerate any more any longer any one to jeopardize national unity.

But when u look at the issues that are being raised by the lawyers and the teachers how founded are those issues?  

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The thing is that you cannot start by asking for something then at the end of the journey you start talking about secession and the return of the federal system of government it makes no sense it means that you have lose control over what you started, so the lawyers have to be careful and the teachers associations they have to be careful.

The ministers who are directly concern have been instructed to discourse with them and if you don’t want to go and discourse in the forum open by a minister it means you have a hidden agenda, and I want to tell you that some of the members of this lawyers association, the teacher association they have taken huge sums of money from foreigner and they want to create confusion no they cannot we will not allow them.

Cameroon is united we are living in a peaceful environment and will not accept or tolerate  anyone to jeopardizes the peace and stability in Cameroon the message has to be very clear. And the young man Manchou who started the rioting in Bamenda I want to advise him to go and present himself to the nearest police station because it is for his own interest he will get nowhere he has to come and render account for what he has done.

Minister Paul Atanga Nji as we speak how is the situation in Bamenda?   

When people are manipulated they can go down the street for few minutes but at the end of the day they are reasonable we have traditional leaders who are talking to the people, we have politicians, parliamentarians, senators CPDM and other political parties’ leaders talking to the population that we have to preserve the peace and stability in Cameroon.

AND you cannot be talking about the marginalization of Anglophones in a country where for 25 years all the Prime Ministers are from the Anglophone region, you cannot be talking about Anglophone marginalization where out of 8 states universities three of them are being led by Anglophone professors, you cannot be talking about Anglophone marginalization in a country where the Director General of Customs & the Director General of Treasury two of them they control more than 5000 billion francs ever year that is high confidence place on them by the Head of State.

Anyone who is advocating the federal system of government on the basis that Anglophones are marginalized is not telling the truth that is manipulation and all those who have received money from foreigners to go down the street will have to render an account because we are on defenses”

However political scientists are of the opinion that Minister Paul Atanga Nji is in the best position to combat the level of insecurity within the Anglophone regions.

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