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Diplomat-in-chief Atanga Nji returns to Yaoundé; here is the report card on his Anglophone adventure

Minister Atanga Nji has concluded his two days official visit to the South West region as the country’s first ever territorial administration minister consequently ending his weeks long visits to the Anglophone regions after spending close to a week in his native Bamenda

As the repentant and peace preaching Atanga Nji whom many had labeled arrogant and enemy to the Anglophone settles in Yaoundé, tebopsot x-rays his visit and present to you his report card during his stay in the troubled Anglophone regions

How homecoming was his homecoming in Bamenda

After his appointment as first Anglophone minster of internal affairs, Minister Atanga Nji was expected to visit his native North West region first before any other places and for two main reasons.

First is for the traditional homecoming and second to kick start dialogue to end painful Anglophone crisis which is worsening every day

Like any other minister, homecomings are one hell of a big thing that is when you gather your constituency in a show of support to the President and one of your own. And for a man who has worked so hard to build his part be in his native north west, there were very high expectations even amidst the crisis.

But though he was received at the entrance to North West region, the share size of the militants spoke volume of changing political landscape and tells how distant the MINAT boss has become from his people. Massive secure trailed him as if to say he was heading to enemy territory. Score 1/10 dismal failure

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How effective is his executive orders

Since becoming MINAT boss, Atanga Nji has made secret of the fact that he is not shy to use his pen to bring order on the ground.

His latest move had been the banning of motorbikes to some parts of the restive Anglophone regions and husbands were all over the curfew imposed by North West and South West governors on Election Day. Generally, how the people react to these orders have been mixed. Some areas did respect it while ohers did not

Score 5/10 Mixed

Selling his idea to stakeholders

During his stay in the regions, Minister Atanga Nji did rally religious, traditional rulers and members of the press as well as administrative officials, religious figures and other stakeholders to sell his point.

He reiterated in South West that he came for peace; epitomize by his peace plant he holds while in the region.

Just after his meeting with traditional rulers in Bamenda, they issued a communiqués to distance themselves from separatists and pledge their continuous support to the government

Religious leaders and other stakeholders we are told were very satisfied with the ministers outing and favorably welcome

Score 6/10 Fairly Good

Has anything change on the ground

It’s quite difficult to say. Mr. Atanga Nji is not the first high profile government official to visit the troubled regions. Yang and Musonge have all embark on this journey before with little or no outcome and many are waiting to see the outcome of this

During his stay, while he probably must have won some minds in the media who praise his simplicity and “goodwill” many ordinary Anglophones have refused to welcome the minster as they see him as part of the problem and largely considers his trip a political stunt

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Score 3/10








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