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Analysis: Man of the moment Atanga Nji unites “rival” South West based mega prophets in his quest to succeed where his political godfathers failed

Analysis: Man of the moment Atanga Nji unites “rival” South West based mega prophets in his quest to succeed where his political godfathers failed.

Territorial administration boss Minister Atanga Nji was in the South west regional capital of Buea for a two days working visit.

The firebrand minister and permanent Secretary at the national security council who has been on the spotlight ever since his appointment as interior minister on March 2nd 2018 cabinet shakeup  has taken the entire Anglophone regions by storm and indeed the country.

From his punitive executive orders to his defiant entry to Bamenda for homecoming  and restrained South west contact tour, Minister Paul Atanga Nji j has not failed to demonstrate his full powers when the need arises.

Days after handclapping the transparency and near perfectness of the just ended senatorial elections whose results are still being processed, the man many still see as an “enemy of the people” for his hardline on the Anglophone crisis and denial of any existence of an Anglophone problem came to South West like a prodigal son.

The North West born minister says he came for peace, touting peace plant to drum home his message as he meets with stakeholders while burying his tough man ship and political arrogance many have associated with the MINAT boss in recent times.

Paul Atanga made it clear that the government is ready to dialogue with the people within the territorial framework of the country, a story we have said so many times before but coming from Atanga Nji this time could be different

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Just few months ago, government spokesman and communication minister who has suddenly  disappear from the spotlight as Atanga Nji takes center stage denied any possible of dialogue, saying “ the government cannot dialogue with those who wants to divide the country” in a veiled  reference to secessionist or Amazonians who are becoming more radical as the crisis widens on

But as Minister Atanga  Nji seeks to succeed where visibly humble yang and South est born influential  but controversial Musonge have failed for the last two years, it is his strategy which has caught everybody by surprise.

In his meeting with religious leaders, Minister Atanga Nji brought together the leaders of the twon biggest Pentecostal churches in the region. It is massively important as these men of God boost significant following not just in the region but across the country.

Apostle Divine Okafor of Transformers ministry and Apastle John Chi of Ark of God ministries join Imam of Buea, and other religious leader to listen to the suddenly humble and peace-loving Ataaga Nji on the ways out of this problem

But for Mega prophets whom many have said are rivals to each other in terms of style and doctrine, it was the first time the two apostles are seen in public face to face ever since both of them rose to  prominence as Atanga Nji seeks to make his impact felt even within religious cycles.

As pictures of the men of God and the 5 star minister flaunts social media, many started predicting the beginning of an end of the Anglophone crisis while some rubbished the idea and doomed the meeting to go the Musonge way.

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But if anything, the ringing together of these persons is a political win for Atanga Ni no matter the final outcome





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