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Breaking:Condition of Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria worries top UNHCR official



A top official with the United Nations Refugee Agency, UNHCR, has bemoaned the deplorable conditions under which Cameroonians fleeing the Anglophone crisis are living in Nigeria.

Antonio Canhandula, a Programme  Operation Manager and UNHCR representative made his reservations via his twitter handle after visiting some of the refugees in Nigeria’s Cross River and Benue States earlier this week. Other refugees are living in the Akwa Ibom and Taraba States.

One tweet disclosed how some women said they had so little food to feed their families that they had to carry bricks to earn money to supplement what relief agencies provided.

Accompanying a photo of young children lined up in a school he wrote: “Beautiful Cameroon refugee students. Children do not deserve the unfortunate situation of a refugee. This is freedom and human growth arrested. Robbing children of a future. An urgent solution is called for. Ikom.”

Then there was the story of how a expectant mother who fled the crisis back home had delivered a day before the UNHCR visited. Ernestine Etioe, 23, gave birth at a clinic located in Cross River State.

The UNHCR’s records indicate that 20,000 plus Cameroonians have fled the country’s North West and South West regions due to what has become known as the Anglophone crisis.

Canhandula’s reservations are the same as those of the agency he represents. The UNHCR aside pushing that a political solution be found to the crisis holds that it does not have enough funds to cater for the growing number of refugees.

Secessionist elements pushing for independence under the so-called Ambazonia Republic have often clashed with state security agencies. They had earlier used guerilla style attacks to kill over twenty security forces.

The recent leg is armed exchanges and the use of kidnappings. So far, two government officials are in their custody. The Catholic Church’s relief wing in Nigeria has said the refugee influx also hurts Nigerians as it deepens their own poverty situations.

Dialogue has been advanced as a key solution to the crisis that started in October last year. Interior Minister Paul Atanga Nji is on record to have said the government will only dialogue with persons who believe in the unity of Nigeria.



Calibro Calibri, famed activist, arrested in France for attempting suicide infront of National Assembly



Famed activist and leader of much dreaded Brigarde Anti Sardinards- (BAS) Movement has attempted to commit suicide infront of Cameroon embassy in Paris “to save Cameroon”

According to reports, Calibri Calibri tried killing himself before he was quickly arrested by police for attempted suicide today May 29th 2020.

He has been taken to the 7th police district in Paris.

He says he wants to die protesting so as to save the country from the regime.

It’s not yet clear how is death would saved the nation from the hands of the regime

Calibro gained fame in the country when he confronted Macron after the Ngarbuh massacre during an Agricultural show in Paris France back in February 2020

In the video, he constantly shouted the name of the French President until he was giving an attention. He then narrated a couple of odeals back home including the Ngarbuh massacre where an entire family was wiped out by military and inceceration of activists, Macron responded by telling him he was going to call Biya about the incidents

His outing drew condemnation from Yaounde and regime loyalists.
Some supporters castigated France for interfering with domestic the country’s domestic affairs some day the European nation is nurturing a colonial mindset

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PM snubs teachers’ demands, insist schools will resume on June 1st 2020



In a cabinet meeting held on Thursday, May 28th, 2020, Cameroon’s prime minister and head of government Chief Joseph Dion Ngute says government’s plans to reopen schools come June 1st, 2020 remains unchanged

The head of government was speaking after receiving reports from all ministers concerned with measures taken to ensure the safety of students and pupils amidst the coronavirus outbreak

His declaration comes barely days after 17 teachers’ syndicate penned a letter to government with measures they say must be taken before they return to school

Some of the measures include; risk and overwork allowance, provision of funds to schools to help fight emergency cases among other things

The government is yet to officially respond to their demands, creating a prospect of back to school boycott by teachers.

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COVID-19: Minister tasks councils to disinfect schools ahead of school reopening



The minister of Decentralisation and local development Elanga Obam has instructed councils to disinfect schools within their area of jurisdiction

The minister gave the instructions in a communiqué published May 27th, 2020

The instruction is part of measures put in place by the government to ensure safety during schools amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

The government had announced June 1st, 2020 as officials day for school reopening across the nation. All Universities will resume classes while students and pupils in examination classes only will return to school for the lower levels

Many schools had already taken measures for the June 1st rendezvous

Minister Obam's communique to mayors

Minister Obam’s communique to mayors

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