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Fact-checking Atanga Nji’s bombshell CRTV’s Cameroon calling interview as 5 star minister airs again

After concluding his tour of the grand west of the country which took the new MINAT boss to North West, South West and West regions of the country, the defiant minister sat down with CRTV’s Ashu Nyenti and Winyawoko for an exclusive interview to give a report card of his tour

Miniser Atanga Nji in his usual flamboyant style, started by saying he came for peace under the specific instructions of the President of the republic Paul Biya.

Minister Ataga Nji wasted no time before he started praising the head of state, he repeated his mantra that  the president has given more than what the people demanded from him. He trumpeted the idea that the new deal government is pitched around English speaking Cameroonians touting Biya’s early visits in 1982, 1982 and 19982 to Bamenda his second home

Mr. Atanga Nji then went to list a series of accomplishments which he says are great strides made by government and continue to do so to satisfy English speaking Cameroonians even though his statements were sketchy.

Anglophone occupy 40% of government in the country

Minister Atanga Nji made this assertion after touting Anglophone officials including him who occupy high profile government positions in the country which he says constitute 40% of the government.

But TeboPost fact check finds the ministers assertion to be misleading as out of the over 60 ministerial portfolio, less than 10 of them are occupied by Anglophone, same statistics for 56 SDO and Dos across the country and in all other sector in the country

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Truth O meter: False

Things are relatively calm; they are not as bad as they were

If anything things have worsen from the possession they were before the minister took over office

The Anglophone crisis has virtually moved to an arm conflict with senior government officials kidnaped, entire villages burnt down and thousands living in Neighboring Nigeria as refugee, these are signs of escalating conflict and not a conflict in retreat

Truth O meter: false

Chiefs have lost control over the people

The minister acknowledge the fact that chiefs have lost control over their people when ask by one of the interviewwes.

He however said the government is ready to help them restore order and their authorities in their local jurisdiction

The minister got it right in this case as many have lost confidence to their traditional rulers whom nay say are part of the problem.

Reports of some chiefs kidnapped have also rattled many minds as ambazonian forces seek to take dominance in some remote villages rendering the chiefs useless.

Some chiefs have fled and abandon their villages for fear of execution while others are simply figure head

Truth O meter: True

Armed men have handed over guns and explosives to security official

Minister Atanga Nji continues his call for armed men to hand over their weapons to the government and they will be pardon or keep it and risk arrested to face the law.

Mnister Atanga Nji says Cameroon is a strong state with strong institutions, adding that it’s a matter of time before the “terrorists” are apprehended.

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Asked if some gunmen have handed over their weapons to the government, the minister unanswered in the affirmative, saying that people have handed over weapons and explosives to the government. “We have recovered a lot of guns….a lot of explosives” Minister Atanga Nji reiterate and even cited similar situation with the book Haram terrorists’ sect in Nigeria

TeboPost could not independently verify this laim but we do know that the country’s military has launched attack at the armed men and killed many while recovering some of their weapons in the process

Ruth O meter: Uncertain

Minister applauds military for professionalism

The minister like the president was full of praise for the country’s defense forces for keeping the armed men at bay

Minister ATnaga Nji handclaps the professionalism of the military in dealing with the rebels and says they enjoyed government support all the time.

But for a military that has reportedly burnt houses of entire villages to retaliate attacks against them by armed men on hit and run, many have questioned the human right records of the country’s security force. There have been reports of opening firing on civilian population during the Septeber 22nd peaceful protests and October 1st 2017 deadly protests across the regions and human rights groups have blamed the country security forces for the deaths

Many in villages continue to see the military as an enemy than a friend and flee to bushes whenever they hear the military is in town

Truth O meter: False

He was surprised by his popular reception and says it’s because “I tell them the truth”

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Atanag Nji says the reason he was warmly received by a good contingent of the population is because they know he tells them the truth.

But the truth is that in his three regions tour, the minister was largely received by administrative officials and invited stakeholders. The general population snubs his visited and many in some of these regions still see him as part of the problem.

Truth O meter: Not so true




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