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5 must know to start your week: Eto’o threatens to sue Jeune Afrique, Atanga Nji airs again, contested senatorial election results looms as tebopost visits Ambazonian sanctuary.



While you were away, there was a lot of news making events during the heavily engaged Easter weekend. In order to ensure you stay on top of the news, tebopost compiled a list of top 5 news making events during the week end to start your week.

April fool gone too far as Eto’o threatens to sue Jeune Afrique

Cameroonian born mega football super star Sameul Eto’o has threatened to sue French based international media Jeune Afrique magazine and France 24 for publishing a false story which allegedly details plans of the super star’s intention to run in future  presidential election in Cameroon.

The pan African magazine published a story on its website on Sunday with quotes attributed to the Cameroonian striker claiming he will run for the 2018 Presidential election.

In an imaginary interview, the magaizine details Eto’o’s ambitions to run for the elections, his imaginary views on the Anglophone crisis, George Weah as a model.

The imaginary interview did also outline the striker’s ambitions to play at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations on home soil as well as head the Cameroon football Federation.

However, the striker took the joke in bad taste and immediately hit back at the magazine demanding an apology without which he will take legal actions.

« I fully respect my country’s institutions and think the 2018 Presidential election in Cameroon and the function of President are very important to be joked about with, » Eto’o said in a statement.

« The authors of the article went as far as talking about the anglophone crisis which has caused a lot of despair and grief in my country, » the striker said.

The magazine is yet to react nor pull the story-which has also been relayed by France 24- off its website.

SDF’s Prof Kalle rubbishes Atnaga’s claim of free and transparent senatorial elections and takes his case to constitutional council.

The debate about the transparency and effectiveness of the just ended senatorial elections was once again on the spotlight this weekend following SDF list leader for the South West region’s rebuke of minister Atanga’s remarks

Minister Atanga Nji was the first to take to the press to handclap the transparency of the elections results and it’s near perfectness just hours after poling closed across the country.

But for an election were electorates were airlifted by militarily helicopter to go vote else where for security reasons, its credibility could hardly ever be flawless.

Prof. Kalle decry the election process which he says was flawed and many councilors could not vote due to fear and were hiding in bushes.

In a hasty organized press conference on Wednesday March 28th 2018 in Buea, the legal juggernaut rubbished Minister Atanga’s claim and vowed to take his case to the constitutional council as the population awaits the election results

Atanga Nji’s bombshell CRTV’s Cameroon calling interview as

After concluding his tour of the grand West of the country which took the new MINAT boss to North West, South West and West regions of the country, the defiant minister sat down with CRTV’s Ashu Nyenti and Winyawoko for an exclusive interview to give a report card of his tour

Miniser Atanga Nji in his usual flamboyant style, started by saying he came for peace under the specific instructions of the President of the republic, Paul Biya.

Minister Ataga Nji wasted no time before he started praising the head of state, he repeated his mantra that  the president has given more than what the people demanded from him. He trumpeted the idea that the new deal government is pitched around English speaking Cameroonians touting Biya’s early visits in 1982, 1982 and 19982 to Bamenda his second home

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Exclusive: TeboPost in Ambazonia’s sanctuary; a story of extortion, blackmail, magic and constant fear
“They sent me a letter demanding I give them 100,000 FRS or I risk execution”: A villager in Ikiliwindi recounts his ordeal in the hands of Ambazonia forces.

Located few kilometers away from the chief tow of Meme division is the village of Ikiliwindi which has been hit hard by the troubling Anglophone crisis

A journey to the relatively developed village is telling of the horror, fear and blackmail the people have been subjected to ever since the crisis moved to another phase.

Visiting meme for the first time since the escalation of the conflict was indeed honorable for me and the experience historic. Read More…



Living together chorister storms “above the law” Sangmelima



Paul Atanga Nji gets hilarious welcome at Sangmelima this day the 17th of October 2019. The entire population and Elites, political and traditional authorities, Alongside the ETA Major of the Administrative jurisdiction of Sangmelima had to welcome the MINAT boss few hours ago.

Paul Atanga Nji is in Samgmelima for a working visit which comes after an inter commuting conflict erupted there last week following the death of an indigene.

The Bulus (indigenes of Sangmelima) attacked the Bamuns and Bamilekes, breaking their shops and looting their goods for two days continuously, all in the watchful eyes of seemingly “helpless” law enforcement officers.

They (Bulus) say the the Bamums were responsible for the murderer of one of theirs who died on Tuesday October 9th 2019.

The two days violent which engulfed  the town quickly drew the attention of the nation as many watched in consternation the degree of restraint exhibited by the country’s trigger happy police in the face of unprecedented violence against a minority.

Many Cameroonians where quick to take to social media to condemn  the violence, describing it as “xenophobic” with  government struggling  to contained the situation.

But perhaps the most eye catching situation amidst the violence was the lack of action from the police, who failed to deter the protesters and had no one arrested after two days violence which led to the destruction and looting of goods estimated at hundreds of millions.

Many were quick to draw comparison with similar  violence or non violent protests  in other parts of the country which are always met with heavy police crackdown.

The inaction by security forces was largely due to the fact that the town is the hometown of the President of the republic, and most of its indigenes occupy some of the most senior role in government- forcing the police officers to watch helplessly for fear of arresting or injuring the wrong citizen.

The last week violence sparked a national debate about the rule of law in the country, many now question if some Cameroonians are more important than others before the very law which governs the entire nation.

Many young non-indigenes left the town after the the attack by the locals and the decision from mayor and other stakeholders  that all bike riders must be indigenes of the town, another move which  questions the “vivre ensemble” preached by the government and sets a dangerous precedence across the national triangle.

The visit of the all powerful MINAT boss who is the frontline leader of the living together mantra will be highly monitored as many are hoping perpetrators of such violence will not go unpunished to say the least.

Atanga Nji has proven before that he is a political bulldozer, daring to go places his peers can’t imagine and a champion of oneness for the country.

His visit to Biya’s hometown will be yet another test of his unwavering political might and his ability to prove doubters of “the living together” policy wrong, should he do what many believe is another impossibility- Nailing the Bulus for crimes against another tribe of a nation where the rule of law is supreme.

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Ayaba Cho says Ayafor’s muderers have been arrested…. but there is a problem.



On Monday October 14th 2019, the President of Ambazonian Governing Council, Ayaba Cho said those who brutally killed the Florence Ayafor, a North West based warden has been arrested.

According to the Ambazonian leader, the three suspects were arrested by Ambazonian Defense Forces on Monday 14th October 2019 and are being interrogated by the armed group.

Pictures of the alleged suspects were floated on social media that same day as some activists say preliminary investigations had revealed the boys were former inmates of Bamenda Central prison who claim they were treated unfairly by the late warden  while at the dungeon

Her brutal killing (She was beaten and dragged on the floor for minutes before having her head chopped-off from her body, all infromt of camera) shocked the nation and sparked outrage amongst the International community.

The US embassy in Yaounde issue a statement on October 11th 2019, condemning  the killing and urging both parties to engage in constructive dialogue to end the crisis

But the alleged arrests of the suspect who stands accused of committing ISIS-styled execution by ADF sends confusing signal to many especially those who have been following political happenings in grounds zero.

Barely days after she (Florence Ayafor) was killed, the spokesman for 13 rebel groups including the ADF Tabang Ivo Tanku praise the gruesome murder on live Facebook show, telling his thousands of online followers that similar fate awaits any other government official who is against the “struggle”

He also made mockery of the sudden death of the brother of the slaughtered  warden who died from shock after receiving the gruesome video of his sister’s death, saying “When La Republic kills 4 months old children you don’t have heart attack” a reference to a 4 months old child who was shot death months back in Muyuka, South West region of Cameroon.

The gruesome video started circulating on the internet around September 29th 2019 and hashtag #IAmFlorence has been trending.

Ir is  not clear why the mixed messages from the ADF but the armed group could be doing damage control and publicity stunt given they stand accused to be perpetrators of the heinous crime which has shamed the struggle and has given its fighters a terrorist-like image.

Government is yet it officially react to the news of the supposed arrest of the gruesome murderer of one of its workers and citizen around Pinyin, Batibo Division, Momo Division of the South West region

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Days numbered? Lebialem Fons beg Yaounde to dethrone abominable king



Some Fons of Lebialem led by senator Lekunze have appealed to the government to dethrone Ambazonian field marshal and take back  control of their land

The call  which was made  today October 14th 2019 comes two weeks after images showing a crowned  rebel leader as new King of Lebialem, South West region of Cameroon.

Mr. Leakeh Oliver popularly known as Field Marshal is one of the most wanted man in the country at the moment  and controls the much dreaded Red dragons armed separatist group

The Red dragons have largely taken control of most parts of Lebialem, forcing  many to flee to Neighboring region  including government officials and local chiefs most of whom now operates from Dschang-Capital of Menoua division  of  West region which borders Lebialem.

The self coronation of field Marshal on October 1st 2019 as the king of Lebialem during the symbolic celebration of Ambazonian Independence Day in that part of the South West region has been heavily condemned both at home and abroad- even by some separatists leaders.

Many see the move as disrespectful to the cultural values of the people of Anglophone regions and an abuse of power by armed groups many  thought had as primary objective to rescue them from a “brutal government’s army”.

Senator Lekunze, speaking after leading a delegation to solicit help from the government says the days of the red dragons and field marshal are numbered

It remains to be seen if the the government will finally recapture the area in a terrain which has proven difficult this far for the government.

The coronation of Rebel leader as “King” of Lebialem is seen as a massive humiliation to a government which  says it is in full control.

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