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5 must know to start your week: Eto’o threatens to sue Jeune Afrique, Atanga Nji airs again, contested senatorial election results looms as tebopost visits Ambazonian sanctuary.

While you were away, there was a lot of news making events during the heavily engaged Easter weekend. In order to ensure you stay on top of the news, tebopost compiled a list of top 5 news making events during the week end to start your week.

April fool gone too far as Eto’o threatens to sue Jeune Afrique

Cameroonian born mega football super star Sameul Eto’o has threatened to sue French based international media Jeune Afrique magazine and France 24 for publishing a false story which allegedly details plans of the super star’s intention to run in future  presidential election in Cameroon.

The pan African magazine published a story on its website on Sunday with quotes attributed to the Cameroonian striker claiming he will run for the 2018 Presidential election.

In an imaginary interview, the magaizine details Eto’o’s ambitions to run for the elections, his imaginary views on the Anglophone crisis, George Weah as a model.

The imaginary interview did also outline the striker’s ambitions to play at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations on home soil as well as head the Cameroon football Federation.

However, the striker took the joke in bad taste and immediately hit back at the magazine demanding an apology without which he will take legal actions.

« I fully respect my country’s institutions and think the 2018 Presidential election in Cameroon and the function of President are very important to be joked about with, » Eto’o said in a statement.

« The authors of the article went as far as talking about the anglophone crisis which has caused a lot of despair and grief in my country, » the striker said.

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The magazine is yet to react nor pull the story-which has also been relayed by France 24- off its website.

SDF’s Prof Kalle rubbishes Atnaga’s claim of free and transparent senatorial elections and takes his case to constitutional council.

The debate about the transparency and effectiveness of the just ended senatorial elections was once again on the spotlight this weekend following SDF list leader for the South West region’s rebuke of minister Atanga’s remarks

Minister Atanga Nji was the first to take to the press to handclap the transparency of the elections results and it’s near perfectness just hours after poling closed across the country.

But for an election were electorates were airlifted by militarily helicopter to go vote else where for security reasons, its credibility could hardly ever be flawless.

Prof. Kalle decry the election process which he says was flawed and many councilors could not vote due to fear and were hiding in bushes.

In a hasty organized press conference on Wednesday March 28th 2018 in Buea, the legal juggernaut rubbished Minister Atanga’s claim and vowed to take his case to the constitutional council as the population awaits the election results

Atanga Nji’s bombshell CRTV’s Cameroon calling interview as

After concluding his tour of the grand West of the country which took the new MINAT boss to North West, South West and West regions of the country, the defiant minister sat down with CRTV’s Ashu Nyenti and Winyawoko for an exclusive interview to give a report card of his tour

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Miniser Atanga Nji in his usual flamboyant style, started by saying he came for peace under the specific instructions of the President of the republic, Paul Biya.

Minister Ataga Nji wasted no time before he started praising the head of state, he repeated his mantra that  the president has given more than what the people demanded from him. He trumpeted the idea that the new deal government is pitched around English speaking Cameroonians touting Biya’s early visits in 1982, 1982 and 19982 to Bamenda his second home

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Exclusive: TeboPost in Ambazonia’s sanctuary; a story of extortion, blackmail, magic and constant fear
“They sent me a letter demanding I give them 100,000 FRS or I risk execution”: A villager in Ikiliwindi recounts his ordeal in the hands of Ambazonia forces.

Located few kilometers away from the chief tow of Meme division is the village of Ikiliwindi which has been hit hard by the troubling Anglophone crisis

A journey to the relatively developed village is telling of the horror, fear and blackmail the people have been subjected to ever since the crisis moved to another phase.

Visiting meme for the first time since the escalation of the conflict was indeed honorable for me and the experience historic. Read More…


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