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Eto’o threatens to sue Jeune Afrique for joking about “anglophone crisis which has caused a lot of despair and grief in my country”

The pan African magazine published a story on its website on Sunday with quotes attributed to the Cameroonian striker claiming he will run for the 2018 Presidential election.

In an imaginary interview, the magaizine details Eto’o’s ambitions to run for the elections, his imaginary views on the Anglophone crisis, George Weah as a model.

The imaginary interview did also outline the striker’s ambitions to play at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations on home soil as well as head the Cameroon football Federation.

However, the striker took the joke in bad taste and immediately hit back at the magazine demanding an apology without which he will take legal actions.

« I fully respect my country’s institutions and think the 2018 Presidential election in Cameroon and the function of President are very important to be joked about with, » Eto’o said in a statement.

« The authors of the article went as far as talking about the Anglophone crisis which has caused a lot of despair and grief in my country, » the striker said.

This is the first time the super star is speaking publicly about the close to 2 years crisis which has ravaged the entire English speaking regions of his country where he has a huge fan base

The magazine is yet to neither react nor pull the story-which has also been relayed by France 24- off its website.

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