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Breaking: Firebrand MP Hon Joseph Wirba goes on self-imposed exile again but leaves a message to fellow MPs

The SDF’s Honorable Member of Parliament for Jakiri special constituency Hon Jospeh Wirba has gone on self-imposed exile.

According to a letter from the SDF’s firebrand MP who has not been seen in public for months now, the country’s member of parliaments says he is writing from his hideout because the government wants to arrest him or have him killed

Honorable Wirba rose to fame and won the hearts of the entire Anglophone Cameroon for his bravery and truthfulness when he famously took the country’s lower house of parliaments by storm to hold government to account in December 2016 after the mass protests in university of Buea and some areas across the regions

For a parliament which is famous for handclapping government bills, fighting over allowances and worshipping of government ministers,  Wirba had to break with tradition to defy house speaker, shock fellow MPs  and took his own party by storm to condemn police brutality, killings maiming of what he called “innocent citizens  exercising their constitutional right to protests”  in a rare show of parliamentary  defiance even by SDF’s standards.

In a letter address to his fellow MPs, the North west born MP  and former teacher who had gone on exile before and only return in June of 2017 with more energy and vigor doubling his attack against the government and even his party says he has chosen to “write from exile at this dark moment of our country’s history”

He went further to detail the plights of the ordinary people whom he says the MPs represent in the 13 divisions in the two English speaking regions of the country before calling on them to resign and support the people.

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Hon. Wirba himself has once dismissed calls last year  from the people calling on all MPs t resign, saying that will weaken their position to fight as they won’t have the mandate to speak against the government




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