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Limbe beats secessionist fear, seizes national stage as FESTAC makes mockery of SW Cultural festival with trademark organization

The government delegate of Limbe City council Mr. Andrew Motanga Mojimba must be one of the happiest if not luckiest government delegates in the country.

The man known as the delegate of the people has not only made the Limbe Festival of Arts and Culture a melting pot of Cameroon’s cultural showpiece, but has succeeded to internationalize the event and makes it a trademark weeklong yearly event.

The boss of the opec city of Limbe as it is fondly called and one Cameroon’s richest town and lone oil city has transform the town to clean, beautiful and livable city.

Sitting at the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, the town of Limbe is already suffering from FESTAC fever as indeed the entire South West region as the now famous FESTAC draws expectedly near.

The city of Limbe has gained enviable reputation as the only major town in the entire Anglophone region which has been least affected by the towering Anglophone crisis as denizens have snubbed calls for ghost towns in the past and continue to do so, deny protests movements and now rallying behind their business tycoon cum city boss to once again show Cameroon’s cultural diversity in one small city in just 7 days.

Many loved and adore him and Limbe city dwellers referred to him as “himself”, the darling of their city as he has championed multiple developmental projects, started wonderful initiatives and engaged with many other cities across the world to make his town unique and ideal

The Limbe FESTAC once again gives Andrew Motanga Mojimba another massive opportunity to rise to the national stage and demonstrate to the nation why his city is so much loved and adored by many.

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Coming just months after the South west cultural festival held in Buea which many labeled a complete organizational failure, The FESTAC has already taken the online and mainstream media, dominating news debate across the board and gaining deserved publicity

Every journalists now sing the song of FESTAC, CRTV MCFM is already announcing they are moving tLo imbe for the entire week where they will broadcast all their programs and other media organs are already covering the hype as it draws near.

On the other hand, organized amidst calls for ghost towns and boycott, the Buea held South west cultural festival which was opened by culture minister Narcise Moule Kombe was hugely boycotted by the public, the ambiance was all but death as organizers struggle to prove its relevance in an increasing troubled region

But Limbe and its people likes celebration and hate to strike; they are throwing their support behind their man and drumming the beats of celebrations ahead of the opening of Limbe FESTAC on 6th April in yet another historic celebration




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